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What was the general public, fans, media's reaction to Britney's first pregnancy?

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It was shocking! But by that time the media circus had already started. I think the media circus around her personal life started when she got married in Vegas to Jason.  Things were never the same after that.  

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I felt a lot of people were shocked in a way because they felt she was too young for motherhood. Most of the female celebs in the generation before her had all waited until their 30s/40s to have kids because they chose their careers first. Britney being like 23/24 and at the height of her career seemed odd. But I did feel like she normalized starting a family in your 20’s for the female celebs of her time. 

Also a lot of people hated KFed and thought he was a bad influence on her. So they weren’t happy with the marriage, but people always thought she would divorce him soon and it would be okay and the “old” Britney would be back. When she got pregnant, it created a sense of “great, KFed is here to stay”. 

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It was a very divisive moment.  People thought she was too young, hadn’t been married long enough, and of course they were not happy she procreated with Kevin…also people assumed her career was gonna be over.

but there were a lot of people happy for her.

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I personally didn’t think it was shocking as she had recently gotten married and had been photographed making out with kflop all over the place. There was a general acknowledgment that Kfed was a loser and destined to be an ex husband before long.  



This article reminded me of her website updates and how she was unique for commenting on tabloid rumors. Social media wasn’t as prevalent or interesting as it is now, so her feedback on headlines was super exciting. 

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