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Kfed & Vic Plus 6: Kevin Federline & wife, Victoria Prince, are seeking a family reality show deal to offset the loss of Britney child support income in 24 months.

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8 hours ago, One More Time said:

they are not naked just at the pool but you know 

What parent says ”I want my kids to make all the mistakes They possibly can in my house, because I can protect them”. Does he have surveillance cameras in their bedroom and handlers following them into the bathroom as well? Or how else could you supervise teenagers 24/7?! 
And to say that after just having mentioned “drugs”. Is he like, “here, have some ****** and crystal m*** and LSD, you better try all this in front of me, protected. That way you will definitely not do it again once you’re able to move out”.

Is he planning to put them under conservatorships once they reach legal age?! Referencing their drug problems and “out of control” s** lives that he encouraged them to get? 😵💫🥴

Youre Crazy Season 3 GIF by The Office

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2 hours ago, everybodygoesdown said:

Britney would have to give consent for the boys to be in it before they turn 18, no ? 

I don't think she would. She has no legal rights to the kids. She could give her opinion, but at the end of the day, Kevin has the final say.

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I really don’t know what to think of Kevin. Like part me feels like he’s been completely misled    And doesn’t know the true depth of the conservatorship and the pivotal part he played in it. Like at some point when it comes to the mother of your children, and your former WIFE who gave you literally everything, don’t you stop and say “hurting the mother of kids isn’t worth the money”.

unless he truly is just a monster! 

My heart cant wrap my head around how literally all her family chosen and blood chose to “SIMPLY” in slave her and then almost kill her just for a check? 

(I am curious if the plan was always to outright enslave her, and just slowly push her into imprisonment more and more???) 

i mean Kevin would’ve probably gotten a very hefty child support payment out of Britney anyway because she was the higher paid parent.

Kevin willing chose to hurt Britney and his kids inadvertently just for money basically.

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some Bryan Spears ig account made a post about it, siding with Britney and calling out the interviewer, but I'm not sure if that is an official account, I guess Bryan Spears have two accounts, one public and one private

+ who noticed that Sean Preston is just in one picture of all out? while Jayden is the one in all pictures and even on that dinner picture with the crew? maybe SP don't want to be associated with that bc he still supports her mom?

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