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Britney and Kylie Minogue Reading

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 The Card on the Right Represents How Britney Feels about Kylie.  got the two of Pentacles:  talks about multitasking

The Card on the left represents how Kylie Feels about Britney:  Got the Three of Cups: i read that as celebrations and friendships
The Card in the middle Represents the energy  between them.  Got the Two of Wands in reverse:    can mean going back and finishing what you started

i do feel it's very possible these two are more close than people think. also the card in the middle.  i got the word collab when i pulled it

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8 minutes ago, The Exhale Psychic said:

Agree.  i wanted to say something.  but stopped myself

They've received WPs, i've saw them make a few comments to you now unprovoked and that is not okay.

Hold me closer ♫ 🚀🌹

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1 hour ago, The Exhale Psychic said:

im kind of used to it.  in real life people have literally ripped up my deck.  

This is so messed up. Especially when you’ve been right plenty of tries with the receipts to back it up. I’m sorry you have to deal with crap like that.

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