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Mark Kaplan adds Kevin believes the boys love their mom, but they're angry at her. ( Kevin says the children are in fear they could be put in danger from overzealous Britney fans)

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4 hours ago, RedBloodedWoman said:

The gaslighting…. You can’t blame a ****ty person for being a ****ty person. Always so negative, it’s so strange you’re on a Britney forum

I’m actually very objective. And people see that as negative. Though I have become quite cynical with you guys. What I’m saying it’s, it’s not surprising they would come out and use some BS like this due to the way that people have been absolutely disgusting in attacking and threatening people. Is everyone like that? Definitely not. But now, despite everyone against Britney being in the complete wrong, we get to see the downstream effects of past outlandish behavior. 

it’s like you guys can only have one thought at a time. Yeah, there is an entire smear campaign against Britney right now. And she’s the last person on the earth to deserve it…

but also thanks to death threats and otherwise trashy behavior, they now have something to throw back. They’d never have it as an idea throw without the past. 

and you’re right, I do get negative a lot of the time. But I’m a decent person (not in any way perfect). And I don’t like the constant and complete lack of objectivity around here… regarding ANYTHING really. Not just Britney stuff. I also want to be able to have a thought or opinion that doesn’t align with the GP of exhale and just talk about it, without having to justify why I’m not the scum of the earth just because my opinion is not yours.  …like so many people here do. 

I essentially NEVER personally attack people here. Ever. I don’t call members names. I don’t insult. Take cheap shots, or anything. I’m very direct, but I’m not as cruel as huge portion of the frontline users of exhale. 

I do make efforts to try and be more positive but it’s hard around here. Being a Britney fan is hard enough. Then to deal with crazy people all the time is just - ugh. I don’t see this **** in my real life. I surround myself with kind people. The internet and real life are two different universes to me. So I am quick put my opinion out there. Because people think you can only have one if it aligns with theirs. Which is dumb. I can tell someone I disagree 100% but I’m not telling them how terrible of a human they are for it. 

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6 hours ago, otisotis said:

her sons are annoying and idc like i’m their age I can drag them. You look like spoiled brats and everyone rightfully called u on it.  You live in a MANSION in CALABASAS and you never have to want for anything in life. The AUDACITY is through the roof!! When other children are about to turn 18 we’re preparing to get thrown into debt and depression! They don’t want to see their mom voluntarily but i bet they expect to continue living their mother’s lifestyle. This is just ridiculous to me. 

I feel the same. I wouldn’t feel sorry for them if she just said “Fine, I’m not going to “scare” you anymore, your excellent father can support you by himself now because I’m not going to anymore”. 

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1 hour ago, Bigno said:

"Kevin says the children are in fear they could be put in danger from overzealous Britney fans"

GENIUS! Who would have thought about that, huh? and who put them in that situation, moron? Hint, it wasn't theira mother... it was

You Are French GIF by Celtic Football Club

Right. Kevin put his children out there in the limelight for either a quick buck or to spite Britney. This will probably end up hurting the kids the most. It’s the parents responsibility to protect them. Kevin is a failed parent imo. 

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6 minutes ago, Kaitlyn Johnson said:

There’s actual photos floating around of those kids off their heads on w**d. kids do that kind of stuff, but to come for Britney for trying to discipline her kids is insane. For Kevin to act like parent of the year is absurd. 

If true and from legitimate accounts, this should actually be used against Kevin in custody issues. How dare they drug test Britney every week during the conservatorship but Kevin freely has w**d all over. I get it’s legalized now but it’s just the audacity to shame Britney when he is using drugs. Britney was so scared of getting a contact high during her concert one time because of the constant drug testing. 

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3 hours ago, Icecreamsandgummies said:



Good story, Bald Peckerhead Kaplan.



This is why I think they are abusers too who has no respect towards Britney. Since a looooong time ago… 

That instagram live is still on youtube for everyone to see. I hope Britney & Rosengart know this.

They have turned absolutely despicable.

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  • Exhale+

If he’s so worried about the perils of fame then why are you holding televised interviews about your private family life? Why are you making private family conversations public? Why is your lawyer holding daily press conferences? 

Btw her overzealous fans are way more concerned with kfed and the rest of teamcon getting justice, if anything, the kids are one of the few people in her sphere they aren’t on our list. 

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