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Mark Kaplan adds Kevin believes the boys love their mom, but they're angry at her. ( Kevin says the children are in fear they could be put in danger from overzealous Britney fans)

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Kevin put his children in danger. He's the one that, unwillingly, exposed the unthankful, disrespectful and rude nature of Jayden and Preston.

It's Kevin that should be attacked for putting his children out here like that. He exposed them, Britney didn't. If anything... Kevin confirmed what Britney said; they're hurtful.

Kevin really isn't the smartest guy out there.

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🔴PAGESIX“Kevin Federaline [sic] posted illegally recorded videos that he made his sons record of Britney Spears discipling and arguing with her kids to prove a point? I will say it did prove a point. It proved Britney can be a responsible parent who can keep her kids in check when needed,” someone tweeted. 👏🏽 

Meanwhile, a source close to Spears told Page Six the Instagram post was “disgusting.”

Happy Wonder Woman GIF

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43 minutes ago, Britney4President said:

Let’s find it for her it was the video where Sean Preston was playing the piano


1 hour ago, Watch Me Work It said:

there's literally photographic evidence of w**d on the table thanks to Kevin's brother lmao. 

wasn't this bald headed peckerhead unavailable until September? :unbothered_apple_chew_bite_hair_eat_chomp_red:

This photo? Is there another w**d pic when Sean Preston is playing the piano? Let’s find it!


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It makes me howl how they try to play the notion that Britney fans will put the kids in danger. The most they will get is a few unhinged people who happen to like Britney tell the kids that they are a POS. THEY and their absolute tumour of a father are the sole reason for any backlash for behaving so vulgar towards her like this. I hope it's a wake up call for the boys but Kevin Federline, you're going to jail with the rest of the ****** Freakshow. 


Her kids are not babies, they need to grow the hell up, stop being disrespectful brats, use their own brains and support their mom in ways they have clearly never done before. The betrayal is wicked. 

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9 hours ago, halfdressed said:

It’s total BS but some of you are the reason they can even try to throw this at her. Some of y’all have been crazy in the past with attacking and threats. 

The gaslighting…. You can’t blame a ****ty person for being a ****ty person on anyone else. Always so negative, it’s so strange you’re on a Britney forum

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