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Mark Kaplan adds Kevin believes the boys love their mom, but they're angry at her. ( Kevin says the children are in fear they could be put in danger from overzealous Britney fans)

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7 minutes ago, Watch Me Work It said:

there's literally photographic evidence of w**d on the table thanks to Kevin's brother lmao. 

wasn't this bald headed peckerhead unavailable until September? :unbothered_apple_chew_bite_hair_eat_chomp_red:

Wait seriously? And hes playing father of the year card? Drug test them all i say

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19 minutes ago, Darec said:


Kaplan also says this ... Kevin is annoyed Britney said, referring to Kevin's house, "I can guarantee you, that house has more w**d than Ludacris, 50 Cent, Jay-Z and Puff Daddy combined!!!!" Kevin's response, Kaplan says, was that neither Britney nor any outsider would have any basis in fact to make such ungrounded statements.



Other than photographic evidence? This bald peckerhead can rot

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We're told Kevin believes Sam is a "stabilizing influence" on Britney and has no ill feelings toward him.

Hahaha f  *cking coward!

Sweaty Kevin turning around and running away next time he will come across Sam in the neighborhood


The nerves, now they complain and want people to feel pity by bringing AGAIN the kids in the story... But dude, YOU are the only one who is responsible for this mess! FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE ACT LIKE AN ADULT AND BEAR THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR OWN ACTIONS!!! I hope Britney will sue you and get some of HER money back!!!

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