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Iggy Azalea Is Returning To Music After Fans Negative Reaction To Her Quitting

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I'm indifferent towards Iggy too and the last single that i like was Team, but someone can explain to me what were the bad racist things he said?
If she said **** things I understand hatred but....

But if the hatred was for rapping with an Australian accent or not being from North America and rapping I'm sorry but I don't understand it and that's also racism in reverse.
For example Rosalia raps and is from Spain that is not a country of hip-hop culture (although in Spain there are already rappers rapping since the 90's but was minority music).

What I want to explain is that I do not understand this cultural appropriation thing (Rosalia it also had criticism of cultural appropriation with flamenco also since she is not of gypsy ethnicity). I understand some point cultural appropriation that is wrong as when you do not cite the influences or when in the industry and discographers preferes (more years ago) more white singers making urban music than blacks, or benefit, there if I understand.

Is a complex theme but also the cultures have always mixed and that is why there are evolutions and different genres and mixed genres today.

P.D: I don't want offend anybody

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That was a great tweet and builds an amazing origin story for the next album.  I love where she started with her career, but just stay away from the negativity because I still to this day will not watch that sally walker video.  I'm a fan but she lost me when she went dark.  Bring back team vibes. 

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7 hours ago, CrazyButItFeelsAllright said:

End of an Era is such a bop that I was pissed when she said she was taking a break 

It is a serve, especially the aesthetic. I Am The Strip Club is such a subtle shade toward a certain someone. Like, Iggy needs her flowers because she got pipes!!!! 

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I like her. and like her msuic. And she delivered so many visuals and looks on her ERAs. 

I don't understand the hate towards her, but I'm glad she is coming back, I think like touring with pitbull made her re-think her retirement. 

I want the BOPs Iggy. 

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