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Countdown to Jamie Spear's Deposition (August 12)

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  • Exhale+

What questions are you hoping Rosengart asks Jamie in the deposition?

Its absolutely NO coincidence that KFlop starts flapping his jaw about the CON (for the first time EVER) the same week Jamie Spears is due for his deposition.

Friday, August 12, 2022 is Jamie's FINAL deadline to give a deposition. Is he going to show up or be a no show like the last 3 depo dates? If he skips the depo this time he could go to jail for contempt.

If he DOES show, what questions do you want Rosengart to ask this POS scum?

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1 minute ago, blackingouthenegativity said:

But be prepared for him to stonewall and say “I do not recall that” to a ton of questions. 

this is the part I'm excited for. He CANT say I dont recall...he would HAVE to say "I dont know, the business manager handled that." SOOOO Lou is 100% going to get thrown under the bus and that will open up the range of questions she can be asked in her depo.

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Money questions:

How did you control B's access to money?

If she wanted to buy a latte, what was the approval process she was subjected to?

Did you owe money to Tri Star before the CON? if yes, how much and why?

Shareholder services - who had access to "Shareholder Services" Amex card? (Answer = everyone EXCEPT Britney...but Jamie still needs to answer the question under oath and confirm that EVERYONE except Britney was allowed to spend B's money cart blanche).

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2 minutes ago, very_urban said:

How does this work? Wouldn't it make depositions pointless in general?

What I love is that Jamie cant actually plead the fifth for most of the questions...only if it would incriminate himself.

"Shareholder Services" is my favorite example...Shareholder services has the MAJORITY of discretionary spending in the accountings; but this was a SLUSH spending Amex account (IMHO). Literally everyone except for B had this Amex (allegedly).

So, if Rosengart asks, "James Spears, did you committ fraud?" Jamie could plead the fifth.

But if Rosengart asks, "Whose names were on the Amex credit cards attached to the shareholder services account?" Jamie cant plead the fifth to that question...and the answer is going to be "lots of people had that credit card...except for B" (allegedly). BOOM fraud!

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