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Beyonce announces The Queens Remix of "Break My Soul" with Madonna: listen to a preview

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This is the thing: I enjoyed the remix, I think it's OK, it's fun, interesting from a production point of view, whatever, but when I actually pay attention to what Beyoncé is REALLY implying (that she's basically the queen of the universe) I cannot but cringe and feel pity for her. Everything is ridiculous.

B1tch, the fact that you name all black women (love them all tbh) but then the ultimate queen in your remix is a WHITE woman (also stealing from black culture, a mess...), and she did not even give you new original vocals! So calm downnnn... I mean she should keep going, she's great, but she should also stop with the delusion.

Beyoncé needs to understand for once and for all that legend are CHOSEN by people, not shoved down anyone's throat.

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On 8/6/2022 at 2:02 AM, Midnight said:

The queens unite :yesplease_yas_agree_preach:

I was wondering if this would ever happen. 

I would like an original collab though. 

Yes, i think it is quite good, like itnis decent and they both did good. And glad at least this (alongside MATM and Levitating) didn't came off as embarrassing or as a desperate attempt to stay relevant (like she did with Nicki) 

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12 hours ago, 1stopBopshop said:

She's calling herself a HAUSE mother. I expect some exhalers to hate Beyonce beyond reason, but at least, understand what you're complaining about.

I dont hate anyone except for team con :imhere_run_excited:

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