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This Day in Pop: 'Make Me...' music video premieres in 2016 (August 05)

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im sorry but the quote from larry "the original video just didnt work" is bull****. i dont care, it shouldve been released. was it provocative? yes. but is that bad? no. it wouldve caused buzz, made people pay attention, etc. the video that ended up being released is WAY too simple. i will say she looks ******* amazing though.

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I'll never forget the meltdowns and the fact people cancelled their Glory pre-orders on iTunes.... over a music video :gloria_falling_stairs_trip: all I remember was telling some people that they were being ungrateful and we should just be glad we got a music video for the song nnn.

The video, well, I don't think it's SUPER bad as it's made out to be. A bit cringe at times sure, and I do question the EOS product placement, but Britney looked gorgeous in it. The original video would have been better, but what leaked wasn't even finished and the released video fit the song better. It's far from Britney's best video though, that's for sure.

And that's my two cents on it :makeitrain_britney_blush_headphones_omg_wow_happy:

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I swear I don't understand why the vast majority of fans DESPISE this video... It's a great video! Just OK by HER standards. It does have some weird moments, but I still think there are cringier scenes in "Criminal", and I never heard ONE fan complain about those. And two more things: the guys are very hot (I LOVE ASAF GOREN OMG www.instagram.com/asafgoren1), and she's not "beautiful" here, she's STUNNING! I honestly think she looks even fitter than during her prime (2001), which is insane to me.

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I love Make Me, and Britney looks gorgeous, but I avoid watching the official video at all costs. It makes me cringe so hard. The beginning, the whole concept of auditioning a guy to have s** with you with your friends - it’s just so bizarre and cringey. I can’t. 

The American Dream version is much better, even if it feels a little boring and lonely for the song. 

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28 minutes ago, Urbanney said:

and lonely for the song. 

tbh I would've preferred something like this, not exactly the American Dream version, but yes to some feeling of loneliness because the song precisely says "dreaming a mile a minute 'bout somebody" and even though the rest feels like she's already with the guy, to me it's always seemed like she's just imagining the whole thing


In my dreams it would've been a combination of a 2016 version of the Intimate Collection ads, combined with maybe some artsy fartsy desert scenes like the single cover, though I don't know how G-Eazy would've fitted in all this lol 

But definitely no choreo or dance moves, I don't think MM is a song that needs a choreo. 

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