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Britney Spears’ “Britney” Is The Most Underrated Album Released This Millennium

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11 hours ago, bas che said:

Streaming is a reflection of public consumption. So yes from the masses perspective I can see why it has less streams that the other albums.


FF, BJ and Glory came out during the peak of streaming era so it’s natural that they would have higher streams.


BOMT, OIDIA and ITZ had bigger hits that defined her career, and to this day are her most streamed songs (baby one more time, oops and toxic respectively, whose streams contributed to the album streams as a whole).


Blackout and Circus were a cross generational era, that both older fans and new gen z fans related to. They also had one of her iconic songs Gimme More.

Britney Album’s success was handicapped thanks to the radio ban of Slave. It could’ve been bigger that what it was. It’s my fav album of hers, along with a big chunk of fans but I can see why it has less streams than the others. I have to admit I thought Circus might’ve less streams than Britney.

True but I feel like Slave has been such a cultural moment that it should have much higher streams. Even if people argue the album sounds dated well a lot of the most popular albums sound dated. It still represents a segment of pop history and should be much more appreciated than it is

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11 hours ago, Stannedforever said:

I've been loving this album lately. My personal favorite is probably Lonely and from bonus tracks I Run Away :yesplease_yas_agree_preach::whiteladydance_scarlett_dancing_happy_johansson:


Although I'm bit bummed that it's kind of "tie-in" with crossroads so it's kinda her most personal album + a movie soundtrack... I wish we got to hear "Britney's version" of Britney :boredashell_pink_britney_hmm_blink_well_umm::akii_kylie_jenner_makeup_brush_lol_laugh_haha_hehe_lmao:

This. Crossroads should’ve been a different soundtrack!

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5 hours ago, GODNA IS A QUEEN said:


Bad lead single? Bad song choice for the album?? Not a song you casually listen to??? Better suited for ITZ????? (when that sound was a trend during 2000-02). Good lord, being delusional on every count once again but are we surprised from someone who seems to be lacking… well? :oprah_well_there_you_have_it_proof_see_hand: Please, on behalf of Exhale, hear yourself out, do better research and make sense of things before you press post. Anyway — let’s backtrack. ‘Slave’ is a brilliant masterpiece and could NOT have been a better lead to follow up from the cultural resets that were ‘Baby’ and ‘Oops’ as if that was even possible. It was daring, bold and unexpected from a superstar like Britney. It wasn’t just a song or video. It was a literal cultural reset, the template for the ‘good girl gone bad’ image that practically every female teen star has followed pursuit and a bonafide pop culture moment that will continue to be remembered for decades to come. The intro and verses perfectly encapsulate what she was feeling and the effects of the song/video rollout changed the game for many pop artists to come. 2001 was also the perfect time to release ‘Slave’ because of that iconic The Neptunes drum-pattern and synth which was one of, if not the hottest sounds in music that year. You can hear it on ‘Please Don’t Mind’ by Philly’s Most Wanted, ‘I Just Wanna Love U’ by JAY Z, ‘Young Fresh N New’ by Kelis, ‘Dem Thangz’ by Angie Martinez and ‘U Don’t Have to Call’ by Usher — to name a few. What made ‘Slave’ stand out, however, was how a bubblegum pop starlet was able to take a slick hip-hop beat and make it her damn own. That being said, it wouldn’t have made sense to release ‘Slave’ in 2003, especially in an rapidly-evolving music industry during what was the early 2000s. The song was fresh, exciting and to this day — remains one of the greatest pop songs of all time and arguably just as influential as her debut and sophomore single. ‘Slave’, along with its visuals solidified her status as a permanent fixture in pop and took her superstardom to a worldly level. I’m just thankful fangirls like you weren’t ever in charge of Britney’s career because she would have been in deep career suicide had your flop idea ever been an idea. Please ban yourself for even thinking you could bash the masterpiece that is ‘Slave’.

@Blackout2006 @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @Henry Torres like are yall reading this delusional shytttt that flop member 3isaFlop just spewed out?spacer.png

And yes, ‘Slave’ deserved every bit of that paragraph I wrote out for being the timeless classic and club staple that it is. Poor @3IsACharm33 yet again. spacer.png

@Blackout2006 also see what I have to go through working double-shift on Exhale to knock common sense into the disillusioned. This place would have even been further down the drain had I decided to retire. It’s EXHAUSTING. 


Lol you really took the time to write all that on a Sunday. Honey I’m sipping on a drinky drinky I’m not reading all of that, enjoy your Sunday love.

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4 hours ago, GODNA IS A QUEEN said:

A ‘3’ stan? A b-anon theorist? A notorious ageist? And now coming for the masterpiece that is ‘Slave’? Worst Exhale user of all time me thinks


Can’t wait for their petty response, likely claiming they aren’t reading that when the gag is they did


Hahahah I really didn’t tho ***** ahaha your so funny I don’t read most of your responses I don’t like you, have a nice day

my opinion still stands slave 4 is a trash single and so are you :trash_throw_away_recycle:

you can glady waste your time writing another novel, I mean for you it’s not wasting time because your clearly have nothing better to do…sad

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