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Charlie Puth in a fishnet crop top and mini shorts

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He is actually the few straight guys in hollywood that is so sure about his hetero***uality that these type of things does not bother him at all! That is also the reason why he has zero problems showing his love to Britney (specially his love on Oops I Did it again haha)

Shawn Mendes could never...

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19 minutes ago, CrazyButItFeelsAllright said:

The man is either the biggest queerbaiter or closet case :chrissy_xtina_head_tilt_purse_sass:

I take option number one but, he does give me vibes of a guy who wouldn't mind, if you know what I mean. :tongueney_britney_cocky:

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Ok part of me is like, “yes! Men should be able to wear whatever they want! To hell with toxic masculinity!” :ahhh_britney_scream_glory_excited_yay_pumped:

and the other part of me is like, “how come straight guys dress ‘gayer’ than me now, and I got bullied if my shorts were just a centimeter above my knee when I was a kid? why can straight guys just steal our culture and it’s cool, but it was uncool and shamed when it was only ours?”  :tiffeyeroll_miss_ny_new_york_ms_annoyed_eyes_roll_eyeroll_irritated:

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