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Christina Aguilera, TINI - Suéltame

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24 minutes ago, that's hot y'all said:

guys, i love xtina, i really do but im not feeling this spanish album...

i dont know...

jimmy fallon no GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Sound No GIF

Some of the songs have grown on me over time.

She is serving great visuals though. 

La Reina is perfection.

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Why is the characters captions in English if the song is in Spanish? 
Not feeling her new Spanish music but I will say I do respect her commitment to this era. It hasn’t had success but she still keeps trucking along for her #Fighters

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5 hours ago, agustinmalandra said:

I can't stand the stu pid bi t ch "TINI"... I'm from Argentina and that talentless wannabe is where she is thanks to the money and power of her father, who was the owner of one of the most famous TV channels. And her "music" is disgusting and unpleasant. :flop_britney_candies:

i dont know her

just saw her music video with Anitta too...




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I don't care for this video. I liked the videos from the first EP better. She didn't have a big budget for this video, but she didn't for La Reina either, and I preferred that. Seeing a bunch of people sit at a table...I'm like, is that it? I hope she does a video for Traguito. 

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