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InTouch Magazine: “Britney & Sam Divorcing After 39 Days?”

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Please don’t cancel me LOL but after reading the article I could see some truth regarding Britney being annoyed with a few things Sam has recently said in interviews that don’t come off right. The rest of the article is mostly a reach, and the title is embarrassing and a cheap strategy in trying to sell trashy magazines. 

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40 minutes ago, Daniela.tomasseli said:

Printed media will disappear in a few years and no educated person actually believes tabloids.

but at least she looks cute in the pictures.. god knows that’s what Britney cares the most lately :demi_lipstick_flirt_red_pink_makeup:

well of course she cares about her appearance, she was bullied by her ugly family for 14 years and told how ugly and fat she was by them. it's trauma and it's normal. 

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2 hours ago, DougfromBrazilIsBack said:

There should a rule on Exhale to not post fake news from those magazines tabloids and unverified Twitter accounts that spread lies about Britney. We shouldn’t engage on that. 

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@Caleb Ellis

@Jordan Miller

Well that is called censorship, which is 100% incorrect way to approach anything. This is the internet you are allowed to post and say whatever you want. 

I don’t agree with the article and I believe print media is dead anyways. But we are not the people to police what gets posted or not. Anyone with half a brain will know this is nonsense. 

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