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Doja Cat Calls Out Stranger Things Star For Sharing DM’s

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I adore Doja Cat, but I mean, what did she expect? 


She has built her career by using memes, social media and having a finger on the pulse of trends via social media...


You're telling me she had no idea that, when social media is currently obsessed with the show, the actor and the character, her messaging a star about it wouldn't go viral? No-one even reacted negatively, it just seemed like part of the joke.


Why was she messaging a 17 year old about getting in contact with an actor twice his age as if she couldn't use her contacts to do it, contact himself or contact a different, of age cast member?


Frankly, what's the stars being so inappropriate with this cast?!


She's literally instigating an Internet pile on, because she got a little bit embarrassed?


A power play? A weasel? A snake? Come on, Doja. Do better.

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1 hour ago, Tear the floor up up said:

But why was a 26 y old asking a 17 y old to hook them up with someone in the first place? :typing_keyboard_computer:

Interesting. Kinda makes you think about her “21” comment in the video and ~not knowing his age~

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