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Britney: I am excited, elated, blessed, and genuinely thrilled I can share about MENTAL HEALTH

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Have you ever wondered why readers love to read ??? I don't know ... maybe because we choose to read rather than express. It's our safety yet our own worst enemy !!!! You say to yourself "did I just read that the wrong way?" and then with a flip of a coin in literally 2 seconds your whole universe could change because your mother's voice sneaks into your brain with doubt and does that one thing you never wanted when you were younger ... literally drown in the confusion !!!! Question yourself again and again ... I mean some people prefer others that way ... why ??? It shows they are weak so in return it gives the other person power but let's be honest ... when I was drowning not one person lended a hand ... they let me drown in that place and I believe that with all my heart ... so NO I don't want to be that dark reader who questions myself too much !!! I need to swim up for air ... find land ... and scream til the end of time !!! But then it's that damn voice of doubt ... the fall comes slowly ... something you honestly have met with denial for a long time or wait ... was that denial at all or was it your true innocence hanging onto the upper world of magic ??? I mean who still believes in magic ... I still watch Harry Potter !!! I don't want to grow old into a mean person so I choose to see things in a different way. My two sons are so damn brilliant ... when I look at things with them it's like I see things in a completely different light !!! It's actually pretty cool how perspectives can be. I've had my share of therapy but I honestly like sharing with my friends !!! They can be more honest and real with me. I said to my friend last week "I feel bad about complaining" and you know what she said? Something I never thought I would hear her say ... she said "to be totally honest with you, you hardly ever complain" !!! She said "What if the negative is the new positive and positive is the new negative ???" She also said "Maybe to be negative is great" !!!! Okay ... so I thought about it and was like "hmmmmm is that teaching me how to lie ?????" I'm the worst liar ever I'm like "Let's hang out all week please !!!" It sounds horrible but I wear my heart on my sleeve. Maybe being completely honest can get you hurt. It's a vulnerable thing to do ... the mind is so sensitive. Be careful who you allow near it or how you speak to yourself !!! It's called living at the brain and dear God I have a huge forehead and its not always a breeze up there !!! I wake up everyday and I try to stay grateful. The mind is so powerful ... with a flip of a switch one thought can change everything. That's pretty powerful if you think about it ... with two words of "I DO", my husband wears a ring now that he works out in and realizes a WAY OVER DUE marriage can still lead to that thing called a fairytale !!! How incredibly blessed I am ... excited ... elated ... blessed ... and genuinely thrilled I can share about MENTAL HEALTH. This well written caption touched my hear !!! I have no idea who she is but it was well written. My intuition spoke so quietly and that whispering voice came in ... it felt so so so so nice

Whoever she is thank you for inspiring me to share on a level o f just trying to be a darn good person ... it's nice to be touched and inspired ... who inspires you guys ??? Which people lift you higher ??? Who can make you laugh with so hard you pee on yourself ??? Keep those peeps !!! Also ... what are you guys reading these days ??? If I'm on a loud speaker with my words lol ha ... as my lawyer would say !!! I guess I'll SHARE ... I'm reading INVISIBLE by Danielle Steele and MAGICAL HOUSEHOLD by Scott Cunningham. Hopefully if I scan my phone again I can find another message like the one I shared ... but in the meantime I will be with this big forehead of mine gobbling down each book I see !!!


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I find it genuinely so shocking how a woman who has inspired not just generations but SO many people yet she faces such doubts within her. I think that’s wild! Literally my life and particularly my youth, would be devoid of magic, love, happiness, faith, and dreams if it wasn’t for this woman that shaped pivotal moments of our lives and our own fairytales. Her entire discography is like the bible. So much wisdom :snooptoya_jackson_snooping_looking_magnifying_glass_glasses_search:

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