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Tri-Star Attorney Responds To Matthew Rosengart’s Discovery

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20 hours ago, queenofhearts said:

cherry picking? plz

if she had no involvement, then why is she even corresponding to Jamie about the conservatorship details? Interesting, he doesn't say which emails, because I guess he doesn't want to point out the most damaging one saying " we need a different judge so we (or jamie) can administer her drugs". SICK

When was this article leaked saying they needed a new judge to force her to take drugs???? I wanna see pretty plzzzz or is that the only juice from the docu saying that??

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10 hours ago, Lorenm said:

I think maybe they are trying to protect tri star's assets. Lou knows she will have to pay, but it will better for her if the company comes out of the ordeal unscathed. 

Well, what matters is that the intent was still there. It's clear it was to extort Britneys money for her own self-interests. Whether or not a lawyer advised them what they did was legal, it doesn't absolve her of her intention to benefit from Britney’s estate.

This also creates precedence. If there is further proof she encouraged the conservatorship for these means, one could argue she intended to cause her emotional distress. I don't know if you could displace the entire blame on Lou, but it's clear they all conspired to have Britney involuntary admitted for 13 years against her will, which was psychologically damaging.

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