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Rosengart explains why he took on Britney's case

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27 minutes ago, Darec said:

I understand that court cases take time, sometimes it is hard to be patient. But I am confident that Rosengard and his legal team will put each of them where they belong sad clown GIF 13 years is not solved in 1 or 2 years, it will take time. Patience and trust, and lots of positive vibes for our queen. Justice is on their side and ours💖


23 minutes ago, easy said:

lot of people seem to think rosengart can just go into a court room and demand charges be brought against jamie and it'll happen that day it seems 🥴 stop watching law and order and listen when people tell you things take time. rosengart has done an INCREDIBLE job. no one thought in less than a year britney would be a free woman, HE did that. and deserves every bit of praise he gets. 

As Samantha Stark stated after releasing “Controlling Britney Spears”: the end of the conservatorship is just the beginning. 

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15 minutes ago, Catalin said:

Also, he won't say that the conservatorship was granted on false pretenses in the first place. NO CAPACITY DECLARATION has ever been filed in her case. 

I didn't know you were privy to all of his correspondence to the court, to the other party's counsel etc.

Stop acting like you know everything, when you quite obviously do not.

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Hold me closer ♫ 🚀🌹

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