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Sam Talks Married Life With Britney with GMA

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I would love for Britney to say something but she clearly doesn’t want to do these type of interviews. And who can blame her? 
Maybe something will be lined up later in the year with the book promo if we will even get any :firega_lady_gaga_flames_burning:

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2 minutes ago, blackingouthenegativity said:

Followed by accusations of Sam using Britney because he dares to vaguely answer questions about her :tiffanynod_miss_ms_ny_new_york_yes_yas_nodding_agree:

Haha And if he doesn't answer questions, they say, is ashamed to be with her, or watch how he avoids talking about her, his love is not authentic, He feels uncomfortable talking about his wife..  They always have something to hold on to.  :girlwhat_um_meme_guy_surprised_shocked::lolnoworries_britney_hat_its_okay_excited:


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I don't mind that's because you know what he needs to make some money now he's going to be the breadwinner for a while so let him work it's not like a Kfed situation where he didn't really want to work and he was just using her money to make money with his music career.. Britney knows Sam is also in the entertainment business is going to be beneficial to her as well works both ways and she went to him so live and let live

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I have to give it to him, he abstained from séx for 28 years and chose Britney Spears to lose his virginity to on their wedding night. It must have been hard not to give into bodily urges, especially dating one of the hottest females ever! :clap_clapping_britney_xfactor_red_excited_yay_cheer: #TrueLoveWaits

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