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OK!: Britney Spears’ sons think she acts childish around them: ‘It's dysfunctional’

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Sources tell OK! Magazine Britney’s sons were not present at her nuptials with Sam Asghari because they think she acts weird around them. They quote: 

"Britney always acts like a kid around them, and they think it's dysfunctional,” 

“They are hopeful that Sam and Britney are starting a great future together,”

They added that the boys chose to not attend the wedding because “it's their night and they didn't want to take away from them.”


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I think it’s not.  Every individual has its own character and in a family ecosystem you are goofy and whatnot. They are not in contact with her so much and it shows. If they grew up with her they will understand that even if her mother acts childish around them she still is an authority figure and in the time things have to be done she will take them into their place

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3 hours ago, easy said:

so is it because it's "their night" or that britney "acts childish" 🥴 sounds like ok read some comments on instagram and decided that's a good enough "source" to run another hit piece on britney. keep an eye out for court documents, they always do this when they wanna try to hide their dirt. 

I love the way you worded this as a “hit piece”. That’s exactly what these type of articles are. 

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