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Robin S Found out about Beyoncé samplin "show me love" via social media

Beyonce Sampling  

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What's the tea, Christine? 

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Is Bey Bey still stealing?


wanna hear about y'all


Robin S. Didn’t Know Beyoncé Sampled ‘Show Me Love’ For ‘Break My Soul’ Until Her Phone Started Blowing Up
Beyoncé‘s comeback single “Break My Soul” has gotten the whole world dancing, with many viewing the song as an indicator of Beyoncé’s immersion into house music. The song itself samples a ’90s house classic, Robin S.’s “Show Me Love.” And despite having to clear a sample for one of the biggest entertainers in the world, Robin S. didn’t know Beyoncé sampled her song until it was released and listeners made her name go viral.

Robin S. Didn't Know Beyoncé Sampled 'Show Me Love' For 'Break My Soul' Until Her Phone Started Blowing Up (cheatsheet.com)

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Ehh, I'm no fan of Thiefoncé... But it's literally just the "Organ 2" and "Piano 16" presets of the Korg M1 synthesizer, which were also used by Robin S and countless other house artists throughout the years. They are iconic sounds within the house genre.

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32 minutes ago, ThisMeowBiteback said:

It’s obvious robin doesn’t own the rights so bet didn’t go through her she went to the owner of the record. Y’all really hate this woman it seems on here. It’s too much

Calm down, there's only two posts in this thread trashing her.

If you google Robin S. all of it is mentioning the sample.

It's not that deep.

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