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Püssycat Dolls DRAMA: Nicole Scherzinger & Robin Antin (PCD creator) fight ! Püssycat Kimberly Wyatt spill the tea !

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5 hours ago, MikeHunt said:

Nicole makes it seem like it’s a huge inconvenience to be with the Dolls. Like her solo music career is nonexistent and she gets a check for being a commentator on a campy singing show. She acts like she’s too prestigious to be in the Dolls, when in reality she has more credibility with them (Grammy nominated), then she has as a solo artist or just being on reality shows.  

Drag her, babe. Scalp ha with facts 

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1 hour ago, that's hot y'all said:

they signed BEFORE the covid... then covid happens and nicole want to change everythig

was a 2020 contract...2022 nicole was shady

She felt she wasn't getting her due, and probably felt she could negotiate better once the stakes were higher.

It's as if you are saying I don't care if Nicole was not comfortable performing under those terms, I just wanted a tour/album. I don't know all the details surrounding this contract, but I've followed PCD over the years and seen Robin on their ****ty reality TV show, and she really seemed like a business vulture.

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I don’t think Nicole is being greedy. Everyone acts like she’s the villain. I mean, if she wants more money, I don’t think she wants to do a PCD tour out of the goodness of her heart lol, maybe to some that makes her a bad person, but maybe she’s just over that part of her life. I mean most people support Posh Spice not wanting to tour with the Spice Girls again. Maybe she makes more money doing the masked singer, and it’s an easier gig, touring is known to be grueling. At the end of the day PCD wasn’t the Spice Girls, I never got the impression that PCD was selling “were all best friends we stick together” they were selling “we’re hot powerful independent women.” They all seemed like co workers more than friends. To me they didn’t seem like other girl groups. I mean couldn’t the other girls just form a new group and tour? Maybe they couldn’t perform PCD songs (since Nicole WROTE most of them) but if ppl hate Nicole so much and just want to see the other girls, then do a tour on your own. I mean Robin owns the PCD name I’m sure, so she could still have them do a PCD tour, if the other girls are such great singers. 

Pretty sure they know that other than a handful of people of the internet no one wants to see PCD without Nicole Tell Tea Time GIF by Dreezy

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7 hours ago, CrazyButItFeelsAllright said:

Hate her but she is the talent and without her the group would be a joke since she sings 90% of the songs 

I think they could with another well known singer. Before there was Nicole they usually had a big name leading the troop like Carmen Electra or Christina Applegate. 

Nicole's ego is disproportionally bigger to her actual talent 

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6 hours ago, Mayenaise said:

So was Nicole an original member who danced in the club's? I didn't know this....interesting 🤔

She was not. Carmit was.

Nicole was brought in later to record an album, after she was in that lame azz girl group out of MTV that flopped almost as hard as her solo career

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Villain is giving her way too much credit. She is simply and entitled moron. She can sing, but so can a gazillion people out there. It's not like she is curing cancer.and.aids, yet she acts as if. 


How many.times has she tried to "relaunch her career"? More than I can count.  She is just insufferable. Her personality is not likeable and her stage persona is like seeing Housewives of wherever performing. I think Fergie would be a far better substitution. She has done some weird stuff with her career, but she is talented, way more than Ms ****zinger


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So if they reformed under a new name got rid of the manager and really become a girl group rather than a burlesque show, wouldn't they be free to do and negotiate how they want?

I mean there's power in the brand but as long as one (manager) uses that as a leverage to make an uneven deal I would publicly say **** this we are now reforming under a new name, we don't want to be associated with a woman that managed us and screwed us over and over. With enough coverage this would be a power move for women in the music industry.

But then there still Nicole who's intentions are on another page.

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No. Nicole is greedy. She’s not getting what is due. Robin has every right to sue the one singer who is creating a rift over a signed contract. The summer where literally every artist is almost on tour or just popped up outta of nowhere, they could be making bank. Nicole, if she was smart, would’ve done the album first and try a reboot on her solo career. But that’s not what’s happening. She thinks she can pair up with Guetta  and sweep this mess under rug like no sis. True PCD fans hold her *** accountable period. And they tried to do something with girlicious and they died so fast, it wasn’t funny. I’d be here for them to revert back to a dance troop, since dance is hella bigger now.

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Nicole's the worst. She ruins everything and thinks she is bigger than she is. I really was hoping after her solo career flopped terribly, that she would humble herself and treat the other girls better but nope, she's just greedy. PCD was a great group but it's time to leave PCD and Nicole in the past. Too bad the other girls lost out on this because they are just as talented, even if Nicole thinks she's the only one talented in the group (she's not lol).

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