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14 years ago today, Katy Perry released her second studio album, 'One of the Boys'. What do you remember?

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3 hours ago, bas che said:

These topics are starting to make feel anxious and old. 

Same. I'm already clinically depressed; I don't need more reminders that I'm getting old at an alarming rate. :canthandleit_cry_katy_sob_sad_tears:

I only liked the singles from this album, and Lost on occasion. The album has way too much filler though.

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I remember perez Hilton promoting the f— out of Ur So Gay on his obnoxious blog. She was still considered indie and didn’t quite breakthrough quite yet. It was only a year later that I Kissed a Girl picked steam and played nonstop on every radio station. 

i didn’t become a fan until her Teenage Dream era. It was around the same time Glee aired.

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It's an iconic album, love her or hate her. The album shaped pop music back then big time and moved barriers. I kissed a girl was a huge hit and a huge shock because boomers were still dominating all areas of life and millennials were still young teens who couldnt defend their own. 

KP's I kissed a girl kind of gave that final push to normalize LGBT :mhm_britney_nodding_yes_mhmm:

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i must admit, i remember hearing I Kissed A Girl for the first time and  i dont know why but i honestly thought she was going to be one of these artists that has one hit then completely vanishes and we never hear from her again. i dont know what made me think that though

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