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What topic are you most excited to read about in Britney’s book?

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28 minutes ago, JayTawndre said:

I wanna know her thoughts on the music and albums she released during the conservatorship. :typing_keyboard_computer:

This! I hope she talks about it. Especially about the FF and BJ era which to me are still pretty "mysterious" if that makes sense? I mean, I'm not expecting her to say "I don't sing for 99% of BJ" even though it's true :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek: But I really wanna know how did she feel about these projects when she had literally 0 input in... I bet that for someone as creative as Britney it was like hell on earth :crying1_britney_sobbing_tears_2006_sad: Imagine not liking a song, a project but you can't say or do anything about it yet you have to go on a damn stage every fkn' night, put on your face your best smile and pretend that you're happy with that song... Ugh sounds frustrating as fk :rihit_rihanna_annoyed_throw_walk_away_bye_irritated_mad:

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Excuse my sincerity, but more than wanting to know everything that happened between 2008 and 2021, what I want to see her more hear about is when she and Justin broke up, if she cheated on him or not and if she cheated on what happened between them for this to happen. Also, since it's an autobiography and since it was such a hot topic at the time, I'd like her to talk about the fact that she got silicone or not and the virginity theme, which made so much ink flow when she was younger. Despite being a topic of her private life and that others had nothing to do with it, but since this topic was so often in the public square, if she broached this topic it would make the book's sales soar.

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I’m most excited for after the divorce from Kevin and after. I don’t need to hear how she started out, where she was born, and how she felt after justin. I wanna know….1) why did she shave her head, 2) why her and Kevin really divorced, 3) what she was told would happen entering a conservator ship, 4) how she felt during “circus” and “femme fatale”, 5) what happened her soul sisters Laura Lynn and the Gang, 6)all the tea on her dad, Lou Taylor, robin etc

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Are we all expecting it to be an autobiography, right? I don't think she was explicit about that... I hope it is, but at the same time I also hope she can find a balance and talk about others only in a few chapters, not across the whole book... I want to hear about HER. Also, imagine that after the book is released, years go by and she moves on but there will still be thousands of copies of a book all around the world talking shiz about her family... Even if all those things are true, I wouldn't like to have that be the central topic of a book from Britney. Those 13 years in the conservatorship were unspeakable, and her family has clearly been dysfunctional since day one, but how will she cure those relationships if she immortalizes those memories on print for the whole world? I don't know guys, I'm starting to have serious questions about it... I wish she'd keep posting her thoughts on her Insta, and then release a book with mostly all the good stuff in her life. Or maybe the book is part of Rosengart strategy to sue her family and Team Con? ugh so many questions... I wish all the best to her.

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