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Sam shares a new photo of him and Britney together

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7 hours ago, princessmimi said:

No I dont just like you wont STFU.

And whats wrong with saying her smile looked better before because it DID.

And besides her smile was normal 5-6 yrs ago, it wasnt until 2017-2018 that it changed.


btw I NEVER said she's ugly if thats what you're implying.

I just said she has her gap, thats all. 

All I’m saying is it’s weird AF to obsess over someone’s smile. Get help lol

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4 hours ago, Johanpapz said:

I seriously don't see anything bad with that picture... It's just a cute picture to me. I looked at it, I liked it and bye... Why people have to always over analyzing and make big deal about insignificant thing like this? People really zoomed it?:britstare11_britney_ftr_for_the_record_annoyed_tired_irritated_sigh::outwithit_go_on_wave_britney_femme_fatale_ff_documentary:. Her smile has changed since years, it's not as perfect as it used to be but it's still beautiful.  I don't think it's photoshoped and I hope you are not that harsh with yourselves and your own posts because it will seriously destroy your mental! Chill!

if you don't think it's photoshopped you gotta check your eyes, lol, just look at her neck lines they are all wavy and moved up, someone clearly edited/liquified it to make her face a lot thinner (just like when they do it on her body an the background is stretched), the thing is who did it didn't even care to check those details! it's so easy to correct those things. this is just lazy and plain bad editing.

and WHY tho? we all see her videos where she looks natural as she is.

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9 hours ago, princessmimi said:

I miss her old smile and how perfect it was.

She literally had the best smile in the world.

Idk what happened to it and how it changed.

Im not saying she looks bad, im just pointing out that she still has it for some reason

It doesn’t seem to bother her but I would be mad if my teeth shifted after braces :kesha_sunglasses_pink_talking_telling:

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Just let me give you one last test, is that a sin? https://soundcloud.com/jacod

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When was the last time the paparazzi, or fan seen Britney in public... At the beginning of the end of the conservatorship she was always out and about. Honestly I loved seeing the paparazzi pics because I knew it was Britney. I honestly don't like her Instagram or sam's any more... It literally always has me questioning my reality. So let's be honest, if a man had me feeling like Britney right now: 

A: I would literally have my anxiety thru the roof.

B: I would seriously end that relationship lol








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Great photo.  She looks a lot happier and alive which makes me happy.  

Also, for some of you in here.  Whether the picture has been edited or not.  She's 40.  People change, teeth shift, you smell a milkshake and grow an extra butt.  It's all apart of aging and it's a beautiful thing.  But these comments in here are the reason people end up not happy with themselves and get procedures done, etc.  

I used to be like that until one day I realized.  It doesn't matter if I look like this or if I were the hottest person on the planet.  Those same people will still judge you, and the rest are too consumed with their own lives to even give a ****. 


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