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How an attack led the voice of Ace of base to leave the industry.

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In 1994, imagine being the biggest band from little Sweden and doing the impossible.


But to have your own safety shook to the core and have the dark reality happen..


You would think going to number one in the US would be let's celebrate..

But for Ace of base,  it would be the end after a crazed fan broke into the home of Berggren home and took the family by knife point demanding Linn, She wasn't there, but Jenny said it could have been much worse as her family was dead asleep but woke up to Jenny screaming.

That fan is banned from entering Sweden forever.


But, Jenny said they just did what roxette and ABBA failed to do.



Top both the hot 100 and the Top 200 albums chart In the US, literally even being honest I'm in the hospital after almost being ********. And Arista was like you didn't die, let's party.


Linn realized the US music industry actually only cared about money. And not actually humanity..


This led to a very intentional removal which the band obligated but Clive Davis was not happy, he forced Linn to record Everytime it Rains. 


Jonas said right there. Linn was done..


She disappeared back into the anonymity she desperately craved for and according to Jonas to achieve this, Linn changed her appearance as her face is to recognizable and so is her voice..


So she went a route to prevent being noticed..


As for as reunion Jenny said as a family there's lots to celebrate, but musically the group is done even Ulf and Jonas states people want a reunion, but it can't happen cos the one thing the fans want is Linn, and that's never gonna happen.


So the hidden gems is our way to say here's some new music..


Ulf even states the 2010 album the golden ratio with Clara And Julia (Clara is Clara Mae) was a horrible mistake and very disrespectful to our image, the girls dressing provocative was something that we never did, he admits part of  that reason was the girls were sisters to Jonas, but we were about the music and looking back we became about the image with that line up, which we weren't that..


So golden ratio was a big regret..

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