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Doez u want Britney and Madonna perform together again?

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hey guyzzzz even Selena Gomez has had some downlevel performances. and she is young too. i see potential of growth for them both. i am guessing Madonnna still has 10 years tops. i can see her performing till Seventy. she has failed before and had huge dramas but then worked herself back to the top. and Rebel Heart was a minor success and even a bit more major with THE TOUR_..




I remember when Madonna said she is always doing certain exercises needed for every tour. HEY hey heyyythis time she just gave a carefree performance PRITTY much without preparation. much like even Akon has done back in the day. once on tour she will amp up, TTOTTTALLYYYY.., maybe you want her to see with Britney then on Madonna's tour and see them both Make Them Werk!!;-¤¤)

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48 minutes ago, KrisJ said:

Madonna is an embarrassing bag of bones hanging onto every young artist for a shred of relevancy. She needs to hang it up and stop embarrassing herself.
Britney should stay far away from her 


Right!? Even her own daughter isn't off limits. Lordes had a photo shoot and Madonna photoshopped herself into it. I mean, who does that? Smh

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After watching her horrible recent performance with MalumaBritney No GIF

It made me very sad to see her like this. She looked very tired. It must be very consuming thing to act like teenager all the time. She keeps giving more material to haters and general public to make fun with her. I know she had to fight ageism thing but that's definitely not the right way to go. 











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