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The Deep Cuts Series: Lady Gaga

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What's up, Exhale

This is the fourth issue of the Deep Cuts Series, where y'all are invited to talk about songs that are true hidden gems in popstars' catalogs.

Who's up for discussion now? Mother Monster, of course: Lady Gaga

It was incredibly difficult to narrow down my favorite deep cuts of hers, so as the honorable mentions :airpls_gaga_wheeze_eyes_wide_breathe_lady_lmao_lol_haha_hehe_omg_surprised_shocked: but I'll give it a shot.

PS... In the first comment, you will find the first three entries (Ri-Rih's might have flopped a bit) :rihstare_rihanna_well_stare_staring_fingers_looking_around:

  1. Boys, Boys, Boys
  2. Dance in the Dark
  3. Heavy Metal Lover
  4. So Happy I Could Die
  5. The Queen
  6. Speechless
  7. Bloody Mary
  8. Gypsy
  9. Venus
  10. Starstruck (ft. Flo Rida & Space Cowboy)



  • Monster
  • Replay
  • Diamond Heart
  • Donatella
  • Government *******
  • Teeth
  • Dope


Lady Gaga: Todo lo que sabemos de su nuevo disco, 'Chromatica' | Vogue  España

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26 minutes ago, SlayOut said:

Brown Eyes

Paper Gangsta

Eh, eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)


Dance in the Dark

Bloody Mary


***xx Dreams

Justice for them all! :chrissy_xtina_head_tilt_purse_sass:


12 minutes ago, Lane said:
  • So Happy I Could Die 
  • Alice 
  • Dancin' In Circles 
  • Hair 
  • Paper Gangsta 
  • Monster
  • Dance In the Dark





TASTE :ohwut_gaga_sunglasses_shocked_surprised_what_huh:

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So many, just like Riri! 

Brown Eyes 

Paper Gangster 

Disco Heaven 

I like it rough 


Dance In The Dark 


Fashion (the one that was in confessions of a shopaholic, not the one on artpop) 



Heavy Metal Lover 

Fashion of His Love 

The Greatest Thing (with Cher) 

***xx Dreams 



Dancin in circles 

Come to Mama

Angel Down 

Always remember us this way 

Is that alright? 

I’ll never love again 

Hair body face 

Free Woman 

Plastic Doll 

Sour Candy 

Sine From Above 


1000 doves- basically all of chromatica 

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1 hour ago, Mr. Cavill said:

1. Dance in the dark

2. Gypsy 

3. Aura

4. Hair

5. Electric Chapel

6. Monster

7. Sine from above

'Dance in the Dark' deserved a sickening music video :sippinga_gaga_hotel_ahs_drinking_sipping_wine_spill_tea:

1 hour ago, ScoobyDude said:

Bad Kids

I really like the verses but the chorus turns me off :watrusayin_britney_xfactor_confused_shocked_surprised_um_what: please don't drag me

1 hour ago, bas che said:

I’m honestly not a fan  but I like some of her more obscure songs like Paper Gangster, I Like it Rough and MANiCURE.

I love dark Gaga too, that's why The Fame Monster is my fave, and most of BTW. 

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