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What do you think about gay guys from your country?


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Not sure if there's already a thread about this topic, but it's been on my mind for a long time, because to me it's quite an issue where I live. Of course, every place is different (countries, cities, towns, even neighborhoods), and generalizations are tricky, but my question is...

What can you say in general about gay guys in your area?

(I'll personally keep lesbians out of this question because I feel like they are a whole new world, and I don't personally know other queer people besides non-binary)

In my case, I live in Argentina, and oh my gawd... It's SO difficult to have queer friends. Gay guys are SO B1TCHY around here. Like, it's insane. I'm talking social events or gatherings in general, like birthday parties, a bar, university classes, the gym, whatever. They just won't acknowledge me or anyone around them, except their closest friends. Even if you're right next to them. Bish, for better or for worse, all LGBTQ+ people have gaydars, we know you know I know you know I'm gay, and you too. You're wearing a crop top and a single earring, do we need to say more? We don't have to vibe with everyone, or want to engage with people all the time, but it's gotten to the point where they blatantly ignore everyone around them, yet they are so flamboyant in the way they speak and act, like they are seeking for attention. I don't get it.

This even happens to me here on Exhale. Here there are some gay guys from my country and I tried talking to them in threads because it's not common to find true Britney fans (the kind that follows her every move), and they would not reply or just react with a thumbs up or be like "ok" or, even one time, just tell me "I'm busy" when I sent them a short cute DM to say hi!

At first I was like "maybe they are not in the mood today?" but then I've been reading comments in different threads in which people discover that users they've been interacting with for months are from their own countries and so they get all excited to the point of almost organizing a freaking meeting the following week! What.....

By the way, I'm not Chris Evans but by no means I'm the Grinch, and I smell gorgeous all the time thank you very much.

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It's not as bad here in Paraguay, but I feel you, there are certain "groups" here in the capital that gate keep in a way the community, the thing here is that everyone sleeps with everyone, they know each other very well in that aspect.

So if you date someone, probably he will "recognize" (if you know what I mean) most of the guys in the community/streets (It's not a big city). 

It is for the best that you don't have contact with those kinda of people (bad energy)

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What can I say about gay men in the United States… :cackling_cackle_lol_what_unbelievable_disbelief_glasses_meme: Honestly it’s hard to discuss us as a whole when there are so many factors that account for our differences: which region of the United States you’re in, where in that region you grew up (big city, suburb, rural), how much privilege you have (race, economic, social, etc), and so much else.

I live in a suburb of Los Angeles County, and there isn’t much LGBTQ representation here. I would have to drive an hour to be in West Hollywood, downtown LA, or Orange County to be in a majority gay space or LGBTQ neighborhood. Which I haven’t done much of as a result of the pandemic. But from what I’ve experienced of the LGBTQ scene here, it’s really diverse and has spaces for many kinds of LGBTQ people to be in.

In terms of the dating scene… I feel like that is a whole other thread! :tiffdrink_miss_ms_ny_new_york_drinking_sips_sipping_tea_straw: A lot of men on Grindr in my immediate location either want to be discreet, are married, or don’t post pics. Or only want another masc muscle gay to hook up with.

Idk, it’s complicated. Just how it seems to be elsewhere in the world! :tiffsniffle_ny_miss_new_york_crying_sobbing_sad_tears:

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