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Does anyone in here listen to Beach House???

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does anyone else in here listen to Beach House? :typing_keyboard_computer:

If so :mj_reading_paper_michael_jackson_blinking_glasses:

why do you also think Once Twice Melody is the best album of the year? :gunriah_mariah_carey:


For yall unfamiliar with Beach House




Superstar is a bop :lizzie_oops_dancing_red_maguire_hillary_duff:  Good luck getting it out of your head 


If you want to get slapped with w some spooppy dance track,, Masquerade goes hard




and if you're an intellectual :mj_reading_paper_michael_jackson_blinking_glasses:

Pink Funeral will be. your funeral :meltdown_panic_scream_falling_die_ahh_scream_yell:



Ps: Dont forget to drink some water and touch some grass on your way out:demi_lipstick_flirt_red_pink_makeup:

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LITERALLY the timing of their thread is so funny. I rarely comment on threads or make posts on here anymore, but I had to comment. I have casually liked some of their songs for awhile (especially Lemon Glow which may be one of my favorite songs of all time), but I’ve never done a deep dive into them. I was at Barnes & Noble last week and I picked up the Once Twice Melody boxset on a whim. I had listened to Pink Funeral and I knew I would love the album and I saw pictures of the gorgeous packaging and the vinyl itself is STUNNING. :overwhelm_beyonce_ashamed_lol_embarrassed_telling_talking:

I absolutely love the entire album although, Masquerade is my favorite. I’ve also watched a few of their interviews and I went back to their first album and plan on working my way through their discography. I have 45 minute train ride to and from work everyday, so I am excited to listen to everything. But yes. I agree. Album of the year for me. 

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3 hours ago, GodneyLush said:

Oh also- don’t even get me started on the visuals for the songs :meltdown_panic_scream_falling_die_ahh_scream_yell:

Truly stunning and they totally fit the vibe of the album. I’m not sure if you’re a vinyl collector, but if you are, you have to get the vinyl. The booklet is so good!!!!

Lemon Glow is my fav track from 7! I was listening to it earlier yesterday while getting ready for school :gloss_mirror_young_little_girl_smile_child_makeup_lipstick_lipgloss_lips_pink:(that album was a little too dark for me but not so much in a bad way) You're so lucky you managed to find a box set at Barnes and Nobel! :makeitrain_britney_blush_headphones_omg_wow_happy: I got a random notification a few weeks ago that they got a few more restocked (after being sold out) and immediately purchased it on the spot. So happy I did bc they sold out again within a few minutes and I agree it's absolutely gorgeous in Gold, that booklet and posters that came with it are everything :yesplease_yas_agree_preach: (I also bought the CD which is kinda cute but doesn't compare to the box set and I'm tempted to buy the cassettes too :clown_meme__makeup_green:)

I saw them live last week and it was such an unforgettable night, they seem to switch up the set list every show and I was so happy they played masquerade! :melt_weird_drift_wow: they're coming to my state again in July and I bought tickets to see em again bc I'm too obsessed with this new album :katyclown_makeup_mess_pie_meme_smile:they really outdone themselves with this record and im so happy to be alive everytime I listen to it :tiffanycries_ny_new_york_miss_tiffany_pollard_crying_tears_sobbing_sad:


And yes I love how they made those super cool lyric videos for every single track, really adds another dimension to the songs and I have a hard time picking between Superstar and Masquerade as my fav. Superstar really helped be get through the ugliest break up of my life back in December :crying3_britney_sobbing_tears_sad: and ugh everytime Masquerade comes on I go full music video mode :werk_britney_bw_black_white_dance_sexy_flirt_my_prerogative: (in my head :imok_goo_ooze_yellow_slime_mess_blonde:

Other good tracks are Modern Love Stories, Runaway, Through Me,  New Romance, like wtf I can't believe all 18 tracks are pretty solid :snort_spoon_powder_glasses: even the slower more chill songs have slowly grown on me. 

I'm so happy you managed to get the boxed set! :tysm_beyonce_thanks_wow_gratitude_love_you_ily: and that someone else on here on loves Beach House, def one of my favorite bands :tifftear_miss_ny_new_york_ms_crying_wipe_tears_sad:and Once Twice Melody is a masterpiece :letitburn_elmo_fire_flames_burn:

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