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“Rebellion” Producer Scott Storch Wishes Britney The Best But Isn’t Interested To Collab Again!

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He wasnt even rude some of y’all are deranged, he looks great considering what addiction issues he’s been through and seems to have matured, I guess we ain’t ever getting that song tho which is a shame the short clip of his mix is really good 

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1 hour ago, MortalMarshmallow said:


Omg :OMGney_britney_surprised_no_way_shocked_wide_eyes: what a throw back and a time to be alive! I guess because we were living in it i never really paidbattention but britney was really the blue print for all the girlies to come. She is what nicki is to the rap girls today.

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You'll never see it my way because you're not me -Britney 

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Weren’t they rumoured to be dating in 2006/7 after her divorce?

I vaguely remember there was drama as he worked on Kfeds album at the time and Kfed removed him from MySpace or something. Or am I making this up?


Ok, I found this old Perez article and I’m confusing him for JR Rotem (sorry :makeitrain_britney_blush_headphones_omg_wow_happy:)  but damn his commentary is beyond disgusting and not worth the click…


The same man, that Team CON allowed to open the Circus tour

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3 minutes ago, Bratz***** said:

Some of y'all are so delusional and deranged it's not even funny anymore. 

Also he didn't say he wasn't interested, he just wasn't sure. Some of y'all make it sound like he said "No, **** her, i never want to work with this *****" :clownery_makeup_meme: 

Preach. This fanbase is a joke.

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14 hours ago, GODNA IS A QUEEN said:

What are you trying to prove here? Timbaland has an extremely problematic and delusional past. From not giving credit to other producers to his lawsuits to his weird comments on Aaliyah to his constant disrespect towards Britney stemming all the way back from 2001. Like the fact that he continues to mock and embarrass Britney should speak enough on his character and what he stands for. Sure, he has some nice hits but he also had a lot of misses. The fact that Storch is continuing to make hits for some of the biggest names in music while Timbaland is simply seen as a product of his time should tell you enough. Scott didn’t even say anything bad about Britney (considering he even posted that paparazzi clip) yet this fanbase is suddenly on a rampage.

gosh! BREATHE!

u like SS more than timbaland, ok fine. I prefer timbaland. simple like that. bye. :mcwave_mariah_Carey_kiss_bye_goodbye_wave:

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16 hours ago, Caleb Ellis said:

Rebellion co writer and producer Scott Storch was asked about Britney in this recent candid video. Watch at 2:48, He says they worked on great music together and when asked if he’s interested to collaborate again, he wasn’t sure. So it looks like won’t be getting Rebellion 2.0 anytime soon. 


Stfu Scott storch! You’d be so lucky if Britney wanted to work with you again. He’s a dangerous druggy anyway, wouldn’t want him around anyone because he seems toxic.


didn’t they sleep together? Am I misremembering? There was a producer she was with, who wrote exposed their time together in a magazine later. I think this was the 2007 era… anyone know what I’m talking about? 

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