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Britney is reportedly working on new music

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Britney Spears is reportedly working on new music. According to a new report from The Sun, Britney's team has already approached some of her past collaborators, including Claude Kelly, who worked with Britney on her 2008 album title track, "Circus." 

“It is very early days and Britney isn’t putting any pressure on herself to release an album right away or anything, but her team are putting feelers out about the prospect of new music," an insider said.

“Several people who she feels comfortable working with have been contacted and asked if they would like to work on music with Britney again and everyone seems pretty keen to be involved."

They added: “She has been through an incredibly tough few years but deep down she does love making music and performing so to have some new music out there could really help her turn over a new leaf.”

Back in December, Britney sung a different tune. In a post on Instagram, Britney said not making music was an act of rebellion. “I guess it seems odd to most now why I don’t even do my music any more . . .  that’s just the surface issues," she said.

“People have no idea the awful things that were done to me personally . . .  and after what I’ve been through, I’m scared of people and the business.

“Not doing my music any more is my way of saying, ‘**** you’, in a sense when it only actually benefits my family by ignoring my real work.”


i know the sún isnt always reliable but she has been saying on IG about working on new songs


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51 minutes ago, Caleb Ellis said:

No Thanks GIF by Landon MossWho’s her “team”? Everyone fled after she exposed them, she only has an assistant lol 

Not true. She still has the same agent, Cade. And as of a few weeks ago she still had the same publicist, Jeff Raymond, and Cassie was still working for her. Not sure if Cassie is still there currently as there has seemed to be a change in the scheduling of her posts in recent weeks.

Having said all of that, not buying this just yet. The Sun make up a lot of rumors.

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