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Who do you consider is the most annoying voice in pop?

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Whoa, thanks for opening this threat. Where shall I start? :frenchy_britney_u_sure_ff_femme_fatale_you_look:

female singers:

- Sia (always creaky and shrill, good song writer though) :eheeek_britney_unsure_ew_gross_um_awkward_embarrassed_cringe:

- Beyoncé (good vocal technique though, just not my timbre, always sounds a bit off-key to me) 

- Christina Aguilera (girl, we all know who can hit those high notes, just don’t keep exaggerating every single time, less is more) :katybelt_perry_witness_yelling_singing:

- Katy Perry (I still don’t get it why she used to be so popular. Everything seems so staged. I can’t connect to her voice emotionally) :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know:

- Adele ( love most of her songs, but her voice doesn’t sound healthy; I’m actually not surprised she got problems with her vocal cords :schoolingtime_talking_telling_glasses_preaching:)

- Taylor Swift (always sounds to me like a teenage girl who just happened to sing just for fun; like Katy - I never understood why she became that famous) 

male singers: 

- Sam Smith (Boy, there’s more to a voice range than just falsetto - try a bit lower, might also suit you :ehum_britney_um_unsure_confused_what:

- Marc Anthony (not a good vocalist imo, seems very forced all the time :bedtime_britney_book_Reading:

- Akon (doesn’t convey real emotion; never sure whether it’s auto-tune or his real voice :ehidk_britney_um_eek:

- Bruno Mars (I like some of his songs but as someone’s told before - it always seems as if he always wants too much, very tense :gross_britney_ew_sick_red_sunglasses_cringe_disgusted:)

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I just don't like in general that new trend of female (and some male) singers that sing with that raspy, throaty, whispery, depressing voice that makes them all sound the same. Well, it's not even new anymore because it's been going on for several years now, starting with Selena Gomez. Like when she did it for a few songs it was fine, but now that everyone does it, that's when it becomes annoying, and it's so unoriginal, and it doesn't show like any vocal prowess, and it's not just that, but also the pronunciation sounds as if they had something stuck in their tongues or something. 

What made Britney, Xtina, Shakira, Beyonce, Pink, Gwen Stefani, Avril, etc, stand out and last for so long, is that each of them had a very distinctive and easily recognizable voice, but now the trend seems to be that everyone has to sound the same. 

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