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Let's shed light on Feb 16, 2007, in respect for Britney Spears--a research-based timeline

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The Britney research effort has pieced together a mosaic of Friday, Feb 16, 2007 that reveals a drastically different narrative than the one presented by the media...yes that "infamous" day.

If anyone can relate, even a little bit, to how bad of a day this was, please take a moment to show respect to our Queen.

Feb 16, 2007--a mosaic approach to recreating the timeline

In the morning Britney escaped a situation where her handlers brought her to another country (Antigua) against her will.

Then she made a mad dash through Miami airport to get on a flight to make a custody deadline. She takes a 6 hr flight on American Airlines 🤮.

She misses the deadline by max 1-2 hours and finds that her kids are being hoarded in KFed’s house in violation of the custody agreement (likely fitting the legal definition of kidnapping). She’s probably told by her lawyer, Laura Wasser, that if Brit doesn’t want to go to rehab and wants to retain the current custody agreement—where BRITNEY has physical custody and KFed is allowed to see the kids 12 hours per week at Brit’s house—she’ll have to prove she’s done absolutely no drugs since filing for divorce via a hair drug test…even smoking w**d once 3 months ago would show up in a hair drug test…EVEN though KFed smokes w**d everyday.

Brit does the only logical thing and shaves her head.

Then she goes to KFed's house to plead with Kevin to stop being an a.sshole and to just let her see the kids. Kevin listens to his lawyer’s advice and refuses to let Brit in.

A hoard of paparazzi are flashing pictures with cameras throughout this entire evening.

The paps follow B to a gas station, poking fun, and neging her. She tells them to eff off; they don’t. She warns them again. They don’t back off. And then Brit brings her umbrella justice to the pap’s car.

and all thisss ^^ happened while she was just a few months post partum; and still probably leaking milk out of her t.its.

This is a day I can't even imagine living through.

Hat’s off in respect for Britney Spears. 

Rip Respect GIF by LaGuardia-Wagner Archives

All receipts and sources for this timeline can be found here:




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