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Ok so I’m asking FOR REAL. What’s Britney and robyn’s story and how are they connected?

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I mean robyn the singer (dancing on my own and call your girlfriend) apparently back in the day Jive records wanted to sign in robyn but she refused, and thats where Britney appears and thats why they bring in Max martin which Robyn had already worked with 


so kind of like Britney was a response to robyn? I dont get it. 

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At age of 14, she got signed to BMG in Sweden. She worked with Max Martin (who at the time only had had minor success in northern Europe) and Denniz Pop. Her original sound and her public image was more mature (I mean she's only 16 in her debut video but look at how she's dressed like 30 year old :haha_britney_laugh_lol_lmao_hehe_haha_bw_black_white:)

However, Robyn's music started to gain attention, and her third single "Show Me Love" from her debut album became top 10 hit in the US in 1997. This was around the same time when Britney was recording first half of ...Baby One More Time album.

 In 1997 Jive was not really sure what to do with Britney yet. She had recorded half the album in 1997 (songs such as Autumn Goodbye and E-Mail My Heartt) with Eric Foster White, and while Jive's executives were impressed, they wanted Britney to be more like Robyn who was popular amongst the teens in 1997-1998 so they wanted Britney to work with Robyn's producers Denniz Pop (who died before Britney ever met him) and Max Martin. Jive's parent company Zomba Records was already collaborating with Cheiron Studios with Backstreet Boys so they agreed. Britney was thrilled to work with Max Martin and agreed to do more pop sound as she could dance to it. This was pretty much their only "connection" back then.


Robyn became unhappy with BMG who gave her no artistic freedom and signed deal with Jive records in 2001, however Jive was acquired by BMG in 2002 :akii_kylie_jenner_makeup_brush_lol_laugh_haha_hehe_lmao: 

It's interesting to note that Jive (now owned by BMG) became very controlling over Robyn's style to a point where Robyn would leave Jive altogether to start her own label.  For example, Jive HATED the more electro pop sound (that was very popular in europe/sweden at the time) in "Who's That Girl" and refused to release the album as allegedly they wanted her to be more like Britney Spears (lol). I say this is interesting because after BMG bought Zomba/Jive, the amount of scrapped Britney songs became extremely high (original doll anyone?).

Their only collaboration together was Piece of Me. It was partly produced by Klas Åhlund who regularly works with Robyn, so Robyn provided background vocals. Here's the fanmade "demo" which uses only Robyn's vocals from the stems.

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