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What Are Your Top 10 Katy Perry Songs?

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I know that a lot of you feel like Katy Perry is over, but for me it’s the opposite: she totally grew on me over time!

So I decided to drop my Top 10 Katy Perry songs here. What do you think? What’s YOUR top 10?

10- Who Am I Living For?

9- Cry About It Later

8- Bon Appétit

7- Not The End Of The World

6- Rise

5- Swish Swish

4- Déjà Vu

3- Part Of Me

2- Harleys in Hawaii

1- Chained To The Rhythm


Honestly, it was hard to not put « This Is How We Do », « I Kissed A Girl » and « Dark Horse / Black Widow »!

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I have to be honest, I always hated to love Kathy. I always found her voice to be somewhat unpleasant but, her music was everywhere, it was literally impossible to ingnore her.


10, Roar

9, Swish Swish

8, International Smile

7, Hot n Cold

6, Legendary Lovers

5, Walking on Air

4, Dark Horse

3, Bon Appetit

2, E.T

1, Hummingbird Heartbeat

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No order 

  1. Bigger Than Me
  2. Bon Apetit
  3. Chained to the Rhythm
  4. E.T.
  5. Firework
  6. Harleys in Hawaii
  7. I Kissed a Girl
  8. Last Friday Night 
  9. Teenage Dream
  10. When I’m Gone

BONUS: Her cover of Hackensack  :katycry_perry_crying_tears_sad_sobbing:

I didn’t realize until now just how nostalgic her music makes me feel. My teenage years and early 20s. I LOWKEY LOVE U KATY. :crying2_britney_crying_tears_2003_diane_sobbing_sad:

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11 minutes ago, CrazyButItFeelsAllright said:

Not releasing Peacock is a hate crime :nysassy_miss_ny_ms_new_york_tiffany_pollard_cigarette_smoke_nod: not releasing it means she was afraid to give the Gays a true gay anthem because she was more worried about the straights and chart success :queenflopga_walk_sass_pink: 

It’s hot garbage, let’s leave it in 2010 where it belongs :nysassy_miss_ny_ms_new_york_tiffany_pollard_cigarette_smoke_nod:

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I actually did a top 10 video on Katy's music over a year ago, so its been a while since ive thought about it

but here is my list from what I remember:

1. Teenage Dream

2. I Kissed A Girl

3. E.T (The remix cause I actually suprisingly like Kanye's rap in it)

4. Birthday

5. Miss You More

6. The One That Got Away

7. Thinking Of You

8. Swish Swish

9. Hot N Cold

10. California Gurls


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This was a bit difficult, but I think this is my top ten (maybe, at this moment?) An honourable mention to "Everyday Is A Holiday," it was such a shame that song never had a proper release :katycry_perry_crying_tears_sad_sobbing:

  1. Hummingbird Heartbeat
  2. Hot N Cold
  3. Waking Up In Vegas
  4. Not Like The Movies
  5. Never Really Over
  6. Birthday
  7. E.T.
  8. Unconditionally
  9. Tucked
  10. Smile
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