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For those that don’t want Britney on Oprah

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Idgaf who interviews her, it’s not about US, it’s about BRITNEY.  And whether people like her or not, Oprah has one of the biggest followings in terms of things like this - so more people that will hear Britney’s truth if she goes with her.

I also, personally, like Oprah and think she’s done some great things.  And I don’t believe in choosing to not like someone based on allegations that have shown absolutely zero credibility and come from massive conspiracy theorists.  I hadn’t seen this clip before, OP…thanks for sharing.  Always good to see a homophobe get dragged to filth for being hateful and judgmental.

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I honestly think Oprah is the hands down best choice for the Britney tell all! I just don’t think there is anyone else on the right level for it. Plus Britney needs someone who is going to be kind and make her feel comfortable and I think that Oprah would do that, she seemed to enjoy being on Oprah’s talk show back in the day and Oprah seemed to really like Britney as well! 

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18 minutes ago, MikeHunt said:

Ronan Farrow should interview Brit. He's an incredible journalist and investigated the Con for The New Yorker himself, so he's familiar with the key players and documental proof. I think Oprah would just give a glazed over interview and would try to get a "shock" moment for views. 

Please, no. Celebrity journalists are the worst. He shouldn't even be called a journalist. He barely investigated the conservatorship, there were tweets that dug deeper. He just took advantage of his name so that people would answer his phone calls. The New Yorker didn't even let him write that story himself, and my guess is there's a reason for that.

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Mj-s relatives talk that mj trusted oprah and she did him wrong. I’m just afraid that to happen with Britney or something that she will regret or not like.

I want her to show world what she wants - nothing less nothing more. Doc film directed by her would be perfect in that case.

but at the end of the day britney knows better and she willing to do whatever she wants. 

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If Britney is going to be interviewed by anyone, I hope it’s someone who is sensitive to her journey and understands her story extremely well. Yes, Oprah will give her a huge platform but I feel like no matter who interviews her, everyone will be listening anyway? I’m wondering if Britney is considering a For The Record part 2, where she’s just pretty much talking freely to the camera, or even considering working with The New York Times. I obv trust she’ll make the right decision for herself, even if she chooses not to share her story at all!

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7 hours ago, GhostFace said:

Oprah is an opportunist.

the entire music industry is an opportunist. Whoever does an interview for Britney will get a $$ benefit, that´s their work. Im not saying they are mean wolves waiting to get THE EXCLUSIVE britney interview but that´s how it works. 

Following that logic, it would be great if she did something similar to the STAGES DVD or the In the Zone dvd, she´s basically telling us what her life is or was like, ofc a percentage of the $$ goes to her record label (if shes still under a contract) but I assume most of the money goes to herself. It's HER product, HER material not someone else´s show where she is just another guest star. :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know:


But to be very very very honest. I wish she moved to, Idk, Mars or another galaxy and start living the life she wants away from the entertainment industry. I wish she heals all those issues and if she ever feels the need to do music, she can come back. My very honest thought. :yeahsure_britney_ftr_for_the_record_yeah_nod_yes_white:

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