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Is Lynne Spears a failed Kris Jenner?

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UPDATE: Lynne's association with 215 Ward Circle from Dec 2007 to June 3, 2017 may be due to an ongoing relationship with STONEBRIDGE, not Tri Star.

does anyone remember when Tri Star moved from 215 Ward Circle to 11 Music Circle?

Also, for funzies, here's this. Tri Star is moving to a new location (not new information). I found the listing for 11 Music Cir and the agent is "Brittany Sears." I think this is just a funny coincidence. If anyone is looking for (allegedly) haunted office space in Nashville, Brittany has the perfect listing for you.




Floating a theory with input from @JayTawndreLovesYou and data from @Letslearn

was Lynne Spears a momager until 2017..specifically June 3, 2017?

If yes…then what the eff was Lou Taylor’s job up until that point?

and then if Lou Taylor took over mid 2017, is this why Britney says things got much worse for her around 2018?

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34 minutes ago, Brit52 said:

What is so specific about June 3 2017?

lynn stopped using a certain thing associated with lou taylor's Tri star. it was associated from 2007 to 2017. So rebellion was wondering if there was a rift there. Which makes sense. That's also the year that the whole lou/jamie trip happened but idk if that's just the messy side of me thinking about drama too much. 
Another thing, the criminals in team con had been leaving bread crumbs out of stupidity but they're a lot more experienced now and will be moving so much more covertly. it's scary to think about. 

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Nope. Lynne seems to be quite submissive unlike Kris who seemed to be the one in charge of the family business as soon as Kim debuted in the VHS industry :shameless_blush_blonde_hair_stroke_proud:


Dont hate me for this but I feel like Britney's strong and tough attitude got it from Mr Colon. :smokney_britney_smoke_cigarette_chaotic_2004_exhale_blow:

That man is garbage but Britney, fortunately, channelled those features into something positive 

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I don't think she even attempted to do anything to be remotely involved or in control of Britney's career. Not that Britney needed it though. But since the very beginning she was left alone with Felicia, later on it was the father who took control of "the business". She could've either tried to intervene to help Britney (or exploit her herself instead of Jamie), but instead she's just been this absent submissive person, apparently way before the conservatorship .

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13 hours ago, RebellionSparkles said:

It seems Lynne had used Tri-Star or Stonebridge from right before the con, December 2007 until June 3, 2017.

there was clearly a Lynne+Lou breakup June 3, 2017…but there are not a lot of news stories and no court docs to explain what was happening around this time.

Does anyone have alternative theories as to why Lynne’s known addresses included 215 Ward Cir (Tri-star’s old address) for more than 10 years and then abruptly stopped June 3, 2017.

Britney was on her international POM tour, in Japan on June 3.

this was also around the time of that gross Lou+Jamie baptism picture.

2017 seems like an odd time for Brit. Do you think this could have been a point when the CON went from bad to worse?

Lou Taylor also has an article in Billboard from this time saying she recently had to “talk to one of her artist about their tour being unprofitable in the middle of their tour.” @Letslearnfound this gem as well.

Being that Lou Taylor had no other clients besides Britney, I’m gonna guess she is referring to the POM tour.

it seems like big move were happening behind the scenes during 2017.

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