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Jordan’s video in the header of the forum is the most annoying **** ever

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yes please. I didnt want to be a **** making a post out of it but please. It's cool if you want to do these videos but have a pinned thread or whatever for people who want to watch or at the very least don't allow it to automatically play. Some people wanna browse breatheheavy at night and don't wanna wake up their partner sleeping next to the with "Hey guys it's Jordan Miller!"🤣😩

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47 minutes ago, Louis-j said:




Go to "Customizer" icon next to "Messages" and "Light mode" icons and there's an option to take it out called "Show countdown?". 

Simple as that. :juggingu_britney_hat_meme_neyde:


This is what Britney meant when she sang Heaven on Earth! :yasqueen_yes_wow_crying_praise_tears_wipe_sad: Peace has been achieved on Exhale! :meltdown_panic_scream_falling_die_ahh_scream_yell:

Thank you for your service king! :kidcries_crying_sad_tearing_up_sobbing:

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1 hour ago, Electric said:

Can we please have it removed? It always automatically starts playing and it becomes impossible to browse this forum in public because of the “Hey guys this is Jordan Miller…” intro. So annoying :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:

Glad it wasn’t just me, but It is annoying. Now I open the site with mute on.  :idkney_britney_glory_carpool_karaoke_unsure_idk_nervous:
It’s like, I’m gonna watch anyway, be cool.. :jabba_monster_gross_ew_disgusting_chew:

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