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Jason Alexander says he went to Britney's home

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This guy can barely form a sentence but Brit was the one put under a cship? Anything for money. Thank God she got out of that small town. I havent seen a single good person from that area. I know she hates Hollywood but her talents saved her life. 

On a serious note, Jason youre probably here on Exhale. Go get help. Its ok to get help. You may never see Britney again and I have a feeling you saw this more as an opportunity to get attention and money. If for the slightest chance you care at all for Britney and wish to cross paths, you need to be sober and in a way better place. Brit wouldnt want to see you likr this and im sure your friends and family dont either. Go get help before its too late.

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This creeps me out. :sad_britney_ftr_for_the_record: Why are people allowed to run around like this and boast about is on social media without getting persecuted for this? Do Britney and Lynn need to file something before the police will get involved? Because this is super unhealthy behavior and this will only lead to more extreme behavior that eventually will put himself and others in danger. 

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You mean to tell me that people can literally just show up to one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Los Angeles and no one bats an eye?! Especially at night?! I was under the impression her entire neighborhood was within the privacy and protection of gates/security. Apparently not! Creepy. 

I am SURE that the other homeowners in that neighborhood would be GLAD to protect themselves and their neighbors by placing a gate at the entrance of their street protected by Security detail. 

Also side note: Imagine buying a house and your are cleaning the windows or something one day and realize that Britney ******* Spears is your next door neighbor - MAN I would suddenly NEED a cup of sugar!! (I know their houses are far too spaced apart - but still - imagine with me) GUUUURRRRRLLLL THIS IS NOICE - ALL THIS - ALL THIS IS YOU RIGHT HERE?!

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2 hours ago, 3IsACharm33 said:

I mean I get what you’re saying but I’m talking about everything after the 55 hours when the media embarrassed him, but yeah he needs therapy definitely and a longer prison sentence 

I understand what you mean as well! It’s just sad and frightening that his behavior has escalated to this point! :yeahsure_britney_ftr_for_the_record_yeah_nod_yes_white:

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4 hours ago, 3IsACharm33 said:

I think whatever team con did back then when they broke up their marriage must’ve really affected him. I think they did a lot of damage to his reputation. Maybe he truly did love Britney…. Also is he the same guy from the capital riots?

shouldnt he be in jail?

Yes, he was at the capitol. I actually compared the state he is in today, to that photo (it was posted on this forum) of him at the capitol riots. At first I thought he must be abusing m3th but he doesn’t quite look like the typical m3th user. But whatever the h3ll he is on, it must be hard drugs.

He should be in jail. He’s already been arrested for stalking. If he keeps up with his shenanigans, it won’t be long until he lands himself in jail again. One can only hope for Britney’s safety.



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5 hours ago, DuranDuran said:
What are you even talking about? At the very least, not a single person I know, who's sus of Sam, listen to/trust Jason, moreover, everyone thinks that he should be slapped with a RO asap
And, yes, there are many reasons to be wary of Asghari:

Sis there are literally posts in this thread saying they prefer him to Sam. A man who stalks her outside her house, clearly does m***, goes on Instagram rants about how Britney is actually dead and is replaced by a CGI character and her family are lizards in disguise, is a Q-Anon believing Trump supporter who took part in the Capitol insurrection... and we have people saying that they prefer him to Sam based on a huge amount of reaching and assumptions based on nothing about Sam. Like I said, unhinged :blol_britney_2011_ff_femme_fatale_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao:

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4 hours ago, IconicShow said:

I’m not sure I believe he went up her driveway she has security and I’m sure the security is outside whether she’s home or not! 

He needs to be stopped before he does something bad! 

This...how are they suggesting he got into her gated neighborhood and passed the gates of her house to even be in her driveway?

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