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Why was Britney being a s** symbol always used against her but no one else (overprotected interview)

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23 minutes ago, DollyParton said:

This, it didn't really matched with her ' girl next door' image.

If she didn’t play both roles so convincing she would have not been as successful. That’s what stood her apart, she knew how to play any role presented to her. She did things to make people talk … so all the people were cruel etc she leveraged it to her advantage hence why I don’t think she had that many issues with it between 98-2002 …

it’s really after when she wanted to stop playing the good girl, which is what pissed off mgmt .. cause her fans didn’t approve … and hence now we get ***** on her insta . 

She married Kevin and Jason … that’s enough to tell you about who she was deep in her heart 

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Jesus ******* Christ, one question worse than the other… No wonder she feels the need to present herself like this on Instagram nowadays, they never acknowledged her talent much and made her believe all she is worth is her ***iness, she’s the last person that deserved to be treated like that. Man I love her so much 


“ how do you feel about a lot of men fantasizing about you? “ — :girlwhat_um_meme_guy_surprised_shocked:

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Other people have said the same, but Britney captured people's attention because she uniquely straddled America's obsession with female purity + ***uality. These interviewers were always looking for a "gotcha", trying to force her to admit that her good girl image was an act. As a woman, she was supposed to be either the sweet, innocent girl next door, OR the hyper***ual vixen, not both -- that was like cheating the system to appeal to the maximum amount of people, it made her "fake". The entire thing is sooo messed up when you think about it. 

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