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FOX Soul's Al Reynolds Claims Britney Was Recorded In Her Bedroom For Suicide Watch After Multiple Overdosing Incidents!

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Hate these 3 hosts they body shamed and are always ableist towards Britney but Al Reynolds says the recording device in her bedroom was used for her own protection after overdosing in there. Knowing how shady, invasive and fraudulent the legal setup was, was the black box recordings used as a tool to use against her to justify it being in place, even knowing she didn't ask for any of it?  


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I hate watching celeb commentators speak on people when they haven't even been following the story or do their proper research. I'm not watching because it will just infuriate me, but I've seen stuff like this on Wendy for years and it wasnt until Britney herself spoke out that Wendy took her side. 

This man is trash

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3 minutes ago, limezd said:

How the **** would she get overdose if she can’t even get coffee? Suicide attempt sure, understandable in her situation, but drug overdose with that much control and no privacy? 

they are just trying to ruin her image at this point by making her look like a drug addict. 

They’re just trying to get clicks by stating unpopular opinions.  And yes it would have been impossible for Britney to overdose because she didn’t have access to anything. Her medication was given to her each morning in controlled doses. She was even forced to take it when she didn’t want it. These hosts are shamefully trashing an abuse victim and it’s not right 

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Dont give these losers views, who are they anyway? Girl couldnt even use her phone and had one lady give her her medicines everyday but somehow managed to overdose several times, ok? Werent they responsible for taking care of her and she almost dies several times? Why were they getting paid for then? Give all the money back u clearly sucked at ur job if this were true

How would a mic in her bedroom help in this situation tho?  if britney ever thought of doing this its not like she would be yelling im about to overdose yall better come stop me 

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