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"he made me sign papers swearing secrecy"

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1 minute ago, Watch Me Work It said:

who's Austin? :waitwhat_britney_lights_out_scared_um_confused_what:


1 minute ago, dfffff said:

Britney’s grandpa, he was Jamie’s father

 I just find it weird why he would be talking to Lutfi, especially considering he passed away in 2012 so he must've been very old whenever this happened.

According to this, there's a June Austin Jr., so it makes more sense that he would help Jamie move the stuff to the storage



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3 minutes ago, blackingouthenegativity said:

Stop giving Sam Lufti attention :umwtf_britney_wth_um_wow_eyes_big_okay:

there is so much info flying all ways im just trying to navigate, some people think he's been her supporter from day one and other people say he wanted to put her in a conservatorship as well. like if he has done something messed up i just havent read about it yet. 

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4 minutes ago, Jaime Jean said:

**** Sam L, without his medaling in Britney’s life and using and drugging her she wouldn’t even have been in a c-ship

hmm, it seems like a bit much to put the whole conservator on one person, isn't that one team con was trying to do? find a person to take the fall for it. i think a lot ****ty people were drawn to britney's aura and dont even get me started on lou taylor how scary is it how many strange things shes involved in. like shes really connected to the deaths at astroworld. 

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