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Jamie auld of the 2018 documentary Madonna and the breakfast club has passed away.

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In 2018, Giy guido did a film/documentary talking about a then unknown Madonna and her first band the Breakfast club..

In the beginning she was just the drummer, but she was dating lead guitarist Dan Gilroy, and used to her full advantage to fire the original female lead singer.  


In 2018, a documentary was made and Jamie Auld played that Early Madonna of the cbgb's club days.


Rock was her original sound even in the demos. 


Camille Barbone her original manager talked about how Madonna would fire people fast, cos it wasn't going at the speed of her liking. Even Camille business partner even said. We wanted to wait five more years, we wanted to deliver her when we felt she was ready. But our way was never good for her. 


She wanted it now. 


Everybody said we will be erased from her story cos we didn't do things her way, and as Camille said I never got a thank you. Nor do I expect one cos Madonna viewed me as not good enough for her. 


Jamie auld was very young. But got critical acclaimed for capturing the young Madonna thirsty for fame to show her family I'm better than you, I'm loved by the world. 


Which really was her intention even her brother said I couldn't hook up as a gay man Cos seeing her posters everywhere in a college man's dorm, I felt she was being stalked, her fame had lasting effects of everyone especially the boys and our step mom, who had to defend herself cos the media painted her as Madonna wanted them to, the evil woman that took her beloved father and erased her beloved mother from our household..


Here's the late Jamie auld as  Madonna in New York late 70s in her original rock punk sound before becoming the queen of pop.




@Jordan Miller


@I Always Sing Live


This was the one fans wanted to be Madonna in the upcoming biopic as you see she pretty much got the look of this Madonna down ..it was a double head turn..


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Well said, RIP.

Who was the original singer? Madonna was. Angie, who was in A Certain Sacrifice with Madonna joined in on bass but eventually left. 

My notes on the documentary. I don't guarantee accuracy;


3:45 Christopher Flynn. University of Michigan, Madonna met Peter Kentes. 1st saw her at dance lounge. She had a role in a ballet play. He took the photos of her  with red brick background (GPS 42°16'42.0"N 83°43'56.7"W
42.278332, -83.732412).
Peter was into astrology, said she would be rich & famous.
7m took her to airport to NYC 1978. Pearl Lang class.
Norris Burroughs knew someone who danced in the class, he was invited to party. 
She and him were there. Brando arms. She was very committed to dancing. Modeling, waitressing not  a lot of money. TAPE exercpt; Do you ever wish you were inside another person's body.
Modeling; instructor; Martin Schrieber. NORRIS they liked to walk around. Together for about 3 months. Hadn't seen for for several months. Bumped into her on 34th st. She quit dancing. What will u do now? Music? NORRIS invited her to party. Met DAN GILROY. Bathroom, "Well, aren't you going to kiss me?". They started dating. 1st date, THEY TOOK PHOTOs on BUS. 16:30
18:30 TAPE excerpt; Everybody in the bible is foxy. 20M Synagogue tour, with brother Ed Gilroy. Learned drumming first because dance is about counting. Photo with Pink Leotard in bathroom in Synagogue.
Patrick Hernandez wanted her to come to France because she had the punk look Dan Gilroy guesses. Letter to Dan from France;
27M Dan made a painting of her and PHOTO of her with skull upside down on her head. Synagogue sink, a lot of popcorn made here. 
28M TAPE EXERCPT something in the mail, rate with Fermaldehyde. This one thing i don't really like..
29M DELETED SCENE A Certain Sacrifice Steven Lewicki 3-page letter shown
31M First scene, the fountain scene. All on the fly! There was a lot of direction but she did it. She was always prepared, on time and give it her all even though not a professional production. 32:45 Deleted Scene.
Learning guitar
33M learning guitar is like riding a bike
ANGIE SMIT from A Certain Sacrifice is a bass player
Formed a 4-some band, Gilroy (Dan/Ed) brothers playing guitars, Angie on bass, Madonna on drums.  played songs such as [Curtis Come Back] song Madonna on drums [Trouble] song Madonna singing. 
Angie left, Gary Burke came in, former bandmate. Called ACME band.

40M. Mike came in, so Madonna played keyboard/organ..
everybody had a crush on her. 46M they walked around NYC with 1 amp on battery
[Daddy won't you please come home] she sung. [Danny's song] about Dan Gilroy.
48M The moment Dan knew she would be star;
.. then Dan wrote song for Madonna to sing [Moving Along]
[Simon Says]
[Again and Again Over and Over]
51M Gig in a club. Crowd went wild when she went to the front.
53M Madonna wants to be in front. 50/50? Nope. They broke up (Gilroys gone). Mike and Gary and Madonna formed a band, [Madonna and the Sky] they shared a room in the Music Building [Safe Neighborhood] 59M makeover for the band 1HR 1M drummer quit.

STEPHEN BRAY from Michigan came!
How about we call the Band Madonna?? No, Emmy.
Madonna had to bathe in the building. No apartment. But then kicked out of the room.
BRIAN SYMMS was a guitar player elsewhere in the bldg, so they formed the Emmy band. Working hard to make a mark. On the phone every day. 
1HR8M Tape Exercpt;; she burned herself in the car with cigarette lighter
Madonna was renting a room close to music building. Cold night, no heat. so depressed. Close to bailing. Asked to go back to Synagoge to Dan Gilroy for 2 days.
She got more energy wanted Camille Barbone to listen to the demo, at gig at Max's Kansas City club. [She's a little love taker/party taker/trouble maker]. Didn't mention the Camille had Migraine 1st time... Band had to break up
1HR16M Tape Exercpt; Rats with Fermaldehyde in lab class..
March 1981 she was signed with Camille. 

Everybody with Steven Bray.
Freddy Bastone and Mark Kamins both DJs at Danceteria
she was signed, Mark Kamin took most aspects of the demo and made it into final.
1:23M  getting it played. Went on a mini-tour. Was a dance-hit.
Danceteria December 1982, Roxy January 1983, Uncle Sam's September 1983
Metro Club December 1983

November 1984, Like a Virgin released!
April 1985 first major tour, records selling over 75K a day
1:31:00 madonna had reached stardom!
Steven Bray got with Dan Gilroy, Gary  and formed BREAKFAST CLUB. They released albums, were on MTV too!

1:35:00 Madonna came to band to do a music video. She said 'remember how all i wanted was people to notice me? Now i notice myself just HIDING MOST OF THE TIME'.....
Tape Exercept...
Hall of Fame 2008
1:38M Tell the Truth song

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