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Alex Vlasov (The Blackbox Whistleblower) says it’s not over! *updated* Leanne from FreeBritneyLA talking to him later on today Instagram Live @ 12PM PT

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13 minutes ago, Bambas said:

Not necessarily. Maybe they have pictures or videos that could be interpreted as paparazzi doings or any other kind of material. I'm sure they have been saving all kind of things since the start.


I believe agencies like X17 are sitting on a treasure trove of material...Or at least they used to be sitting on it.

One of the CON players (e.g. Blair Berk) likely owns it now.

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20 minutes ago, ZoneGirl said:

What does he mean he doesn’t think “it’s over.” What “it”? The conservatorship has been terminated. Yes, they’re still settling up the money stuff but it’s over. But just because it’s done legally doesn’t mean there aren’t issues that can still arise from people such as Robin, LT, Edna and whoever else. No one is going to go quietly into the night. That’s the issue with the ‘ship lasting for so long. 

Legally it is over, but as you say, none of those sick people will let go of control so easily. Behind the scenes, sadly, they might be trying their best to do the worst.

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They are still pushing the narrative that Britney is crazy, her own sister did that with her book. It's really insane and unbelievable. I'm sure they have things they kept to use against her and I'm sure she knows it, remember when she gave her testimony she said that now that she is speaking out she would not be surprised if her own family or team start coming after her, and it's exactly what is happening. Juno Lou didn't wait 2 months to release a book where she claims that Britney was and still is unstable to this day. They can't control Britney anymore but they can threaten her.


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This is just me: 

But I would rather be free and sue them than give in to blackmail and cower under their thumbs forever. 

Truth is powerful. Mudslinging and secret recordings are illegal and lowlife. 

I would take my chances with truth 

(I did, I walked away from narcs and blasted them, and never even bothered to look at or respond to their slander. I am doing fine, on the other side of the world, but I heard some of them seem to have got karma) .

But Britney is an international star so she has to tread carefully. Sam thinking of his career too. 

But i wish she would dump them once and for all


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It's got to be on Rosengart's mind, leaks coming out of that side, with a media that seems completely unconcerned with validating anything they say, as they grant them unrestrained access to the public to spread their venom. It's not what Britney did or said, it's that they can pick and choose, and whatever people worry about Britney's social media, she's been relatively circumspect, compared to the free-for-all that's unleashed on her in the most furtive, passive-aggressive way.

Rosengart is no one to fool with, though. That he's been so quiet in the media is a very good sign.


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I’m concerned for her safety. 

also let’s not forget that not everything Britney says is 100% the truth and there’s always sides. So it’s probably a big concern that she has so much power and can literally say anything to get the army charged up. 

it’s interesting that this family just doesn’t delete their accounts and just go away in silence.

It’s almost like the industry played Britney for all of this to happen to milk her dry .

like Mickey Mouse Club hardworking girl, from rural poor town. ***ualize her at a young age but talk about her virginity so she’s the topic of much debate. hide her real voice, so people debate her talent. Connect her with the biggest boyband member, have them break up. sl** shame her. When she tries to escape, insert bad boy to cause media frenzy. Make her have a mental breakdown, is she crazy. Restore her image, rise from the ashes. Lock her up. Release her .. and the debates continue.  It’s like her whole life was meant to entertainment. And the family thrives on it … similar to the kardashians. But Britney’ family  went the let’s have people debate everything instead of having a reality tv show … I sincerely hope this ends well for her. I’m honestly concerned they could frame her and call it … I don’t even wanna put it out in the world 

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I knew from the moment I heard alex in the docu telling those things, that it can get so ugly even if Britney is freed. Was then thinking of sects, that collect intimate information about ppl, to use it against them in case they try to get out and speak for themselves. This feels so similar and so nasty. 


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idk if that's his real account but I think it's 100% sure they will attack her harder if she keeps speaking. There are millions and millions of dollars invovled and they are not going to forgive her easily. So I'm always expecting their new attacks. The worst thing is taht she doesnt deserve all this **** :otears_oprah_crying_tissue_napkin_tears_sobbing_sad:

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Just now, Seanril said:

I’m sure. They are scum.

Some people are so evil makes me question how can a single person be so evil, like pure evil.

Now make it a team and expect to live and deal with them your whole life and then be pushed in a c-ship by them. I admire Britney's mental and physical strength. I know I for sure would not be able to handle that. God bless her soul- so strong.

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