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JL's ego in her book is insaaaane

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20 hours ago, crystakat said:

The thought of 10 year old Jamie Lynn on the set of the Pepsi Decades commercial thinking "wow they love me, i'm a star, i'm so in demand" while 5 meters away Britney is working her *** off, rehearsing choreo, going into hair and makeup, and doing outfit changes sends me.

In addition to the narcissism, self absorption, lack of self awareness and everything that the fellows exhalers mention, she fails to grasp the extent of the talent of her sister. For Jamie Lynn, Britney is just Britney, her older sister who likes to sing and dance and who got the chance to make a living out of it. What Jamie Lynn doesn’t seem to realize is how immensely talented Britney is.

Just because she also sings and got a few opportunities (which she also fails to realize that were given to her and because of Britney), it doesn’t mean that she is “equally talented”. Perhaps people in her family used to say things like that (like any adult would) to not make her feel any different. It’s shocking how she, at 30, mother of 2, doesn’t seem to understand that.

It seems like there’s a lot of pain. She really doesn’t dare to look at herself in the mirror and face the truth and realize that she’s not Britney, that she’s far from comparable. This narrative comes from a very very low self esteem and she’s attempting to compensate for it by “owning her narrative”. If she says she’s been adored and praised for her beauty, slimness and talent, then it must be true is what she believes.

Not even a lifetime of therapy can help this one. 

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"Momma tells me she knew the minute I started talking that I was a natural-born performer...I always had an audience. There’s just something about getting a response from other people that I’ve always loved."

Jesus fuc7ing christ! She is really a spoiled child. 

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9 hours ago, --- said:

i don't think she realizes she was never famous, she just had fame

Awesome distinction. She fumbled her bag/career all on her own. Britney had nothing to do with it - she was the reason she even had an opportunity with Nickelodeon in the first place. She's probably resentful that she was never able to make anything out of her career after Zoey 101. She could have, but she didn't. 

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2 hours ago, maquisl said:

She also said that when she and Britney were together, there where even more paparazzies and everyone went crazy for that photo or something like that. Yeah, girl, sure :hahaha_tiffany_ny_new_york_ms_miss_cackle_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao:

I'm still laughing for that pepsi commercial mention :hahaha_tiffany_ny_new_york_ms_miss_cackle_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao::hahaha_tiffany_ny_new_york_ms_miss_cackle_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao::hahaha_tiffany_ny_new_york_ms_miss_cackle_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao::hahaha_tiffany_ny_new_york_ms_miss_cackle_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao:  Or when she complained that Britney went out partying with her friends and bryan and she "ignored her". GIRL YOU WERE 14!!!!! :clownery_makeup_meme:

I've read 5 chapters and I agree with you, her ego is BIG, she even sounds narcissistic :lollipop_britney_sucker_dancing_party_2012: The worst part of those 5 chapters is that she kept repeating the same stories over and over again and the book sometimes is not in chronological order so it's also very confusing. It's a mess basically :teigen_chrissy_eek_awkward_um_cringe: 

I noticed that, too, that it wasn't in chronological order, and not in an interesting, non-linear way. And that she's going over the same events. There's no point to it, other than she was in a rush, I guess. She must have had a ghostwriter, though?

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it's funny that people back in the day feel special and famous and wanted special treatment and security just bc of doing a stupid commercial or small job on tv when in reality the day to day life no one cares and would not even recognise them 

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"Britney took on the responsibility of cleaning and dressing me, and she dedicated herself to making me look perfectly adorable every time."


"Momma tells me she knew the minute I started talking that I was a natural-born performer...I always had an audience. There’s just something about getting a response from other people that I’ve always loved."


"My sister’s voice was throaty and strong, while mine was fluid and controlled."


"People said we were different but equally as talented."

"I wasn’t “America’s sweetheart anymore


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8 hours ago, Soso said:

Jamie Lynn is everything but a woke sis. She’s pure southern trash with zero morals.

Her two kids are in a cast 2 times a year cuz they keep breaking their bones and falling in ponds, and she pretends to care about them.  :typing_keyboard_computer:

“Fake woke” hunni

She’s basically acting “all woke” and it’s just that - acting. 

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In a Zoey  reboot intro video on YouTube they have some girl come up to JL gushing how she is her idol and JL is preening and arrogantly lapping it up. The girl is literally bowing, and the host is using superlatives to praise JL like she is some queen. 

All staged by Lou or whoever created that piece, so obvious. But how JL is lapping it up is so cringey. She truly believes there are people calling her queen worshipping the ground she walks on. 

Lou massaged her ego to get access and manipulate and JL swallowed it hook line and sinker

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ive spent my precious friday night reading a little bit of the book. it was incredibly difficult to follow the storyline, cause she jumps from left to right

some phrases that were so ridicilous and struck me were

- we needed to keep her (Britney) happy and productive (what kind of language is that, very manipulative alluding that Britney was "difficult")

- Mama reveled in the attention that came with being Brinteys mother

- I was wise beyond my years

-My sisters voice was throathy and strong, while mine was fluid and strong

- As the sister of a newly minted pop icon and with my own growing fame, security had to be considered whenerver i went out and about

- for years i took the high road

- Daddy was an abusive perfectionist

-Britney was prone to hold grudes with others (dont know her personally, but judging by her insta posts this doesnt seem to be the case?!)



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She did more. 


She shamed people who have addiction issues, breakdowns and mental health issues like depression and suicide..


I mean she literally attacked anyone who's a human being with flaws not perfectionists. But given that she's a Taurus  ..


One of their strong traits is changing people's opinions and being perfectionists.  


Britney being a sag means she's rare as there is no relation to any of the other signs. 

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The book is very repetitive and jumps around timelines at a grade school level. I'm kind of surprised they didn't edit it. 

I think it's also a pretty shallow representation of her emotions going through some of these experiences. Like if you're going to write a book because you "care so much about your voice", then at least share your raw feelings.

I'm sure it's not easy being in the Spears family but that doesn't excuse what an awful sister she is. 

So disappointing.

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