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JL's ego in her book is insaaaane

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4 hours ago, britmebaby_onemoretime said:

Y'all, I can't say I'm surprised but even I'm a little shocked at how overtly egotistical and into herself she is, and not just when talking about Britney. In the first chapter alone, she says:

"I brought love and light into everyone’s life."
"As it turned out, I was a delightful baby who brought her so much joy..."
"...I was entertaining from toddlerhood onward."
"In my early years, I was the princess."
"Britney took on the responsibility of cleaning and dressing me, and she dedicated herself to making me look perfectly adorable every time."
I came into the world with a big personality and learned early how to get attention. Everyone’s response to my antics only made me want more attention and I did anything I could to hold on to the spotlight."

Yikes. Does this nauseate anyone else? :haha_britney_laugh_lol_lmao_hehe_haha_bw_black_white:

Also, this book sounds like it was written by a low-budget Blanche Devoreaux, I totally get wanting to share your story, especially as a writer myself. 100 % support it as a way to work through your trauma. But couldn't they have at least tried to make it sound like she put these sentences together? Lawd.


EDIT: omg I'm onto chapter 2 and it has somehow gotten worse....

"Momma tells me she knew the minute I started talking that I was a natural-born performer...I always had an audience. There’s just something about getting a response from other people that I’ve always loved."
"...I relished receiving accolades from everyone."
"My sister’s voice was throaty and strong, while mine was fluid and controlled."
"People said we were different but equally as talented."
"I always sought out ways to get in front of an audience."
"I shot national commercials for Clorox and Pepsi." Does she mean BRITNEY'S commercial?!
"Touring with my sister provided a built-in audience for my own performances."
"Everyone granted me their attention whenever I went into character or did an impersonation. They said, “Jamie Lynn, you’re a natural!”
"...With my own growing fame, security had to be considered whenever I went out and about."


Chapter 3:
"After three seasons on the show I had become a fan favorite, and with rave reviews about my performance and comedic timing."
This little low blow towards her former co-star: "Alexa, who was really into fame and connections, was excited that my sister wanted to 'speak' with her....her claims seemed designed to garner attention once her fame had waned."


Chapter 4:
"One of the greatest aspects of growing up as the youngest Spears child was having the warmth and attention of everyone in my family."
"Britney always put me front and center—giving me the light."
"He learned quickly that I was the boss."
"She would dress me up and make sure I looked precious." (She literally already talked about this?)
"My sister showered me with attention, love, and praise."
"...she told me that I was talented and going to be an amazing performer."
"...my sister continued to make me the nightly star on the tour bus."
"I wasn’t quite a household name yet, but if we went anywhere together, cameras and lights went off at fantastical speeds."
"I was wrapped up in being me—the tween television star..."


Chapter 5/6:
"I didn’t mean people would recognize me, the teen star..."
"Acting came natural to me and she was convinced everything was fine."
"I wasn’t “America’s sweetheart” or “a youth who could change the world” anymore."
"I’m paying for all this! You sweep up the freaking floor. Realistically, what did I know about sweeping? I didn’t have any experience in how to keep a house." LOL WHAT?!
"I was still trying to be that perfect girl people had come to adore..."
"I loathed being the center of attention," HAHAHAH
"Jamie picked us up in his Porsche, which I think he did to impress me. Sports cars weren’t my thing. They still aren’t. I much prefer a big, spacious truck."

Chapter 8:
"He recently told me that the first time he saw me, he thought I was the most beautiful girl he had seen and had immediately wondered, “Why would she ever want to be with me?”
"Everyone agreed I had the talent..."
"At the 2007 Kids’ Choice Awards everyone around me commented on how great I looked. My own team noticed my slim form and said, “Jamie Lynn, you’ve never looked better!” They gushed about my beauty and slimness. The compliments continued as I walked the “orange” carpet. People always combined the comment about my beauty with a comment about my tiny size."

Chapter 12:
"As a young performer, the girl who fulfilled a dream and became a star..."
"Growing up as a versatile performer and athlete...."
"I have written chart-topping hits for performers like Jana Kramer and received awards for my work."


Aaaand that's all I got for right now because tbh, this book exhausted me. :cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek:

Do u know if the book has leaked pdf free online ???

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Thanks for pointing that out! I thought it was just me who was already getting annoyed reading that narcissist girl. 

It's like she's trying hard to convince everyone she has talent in almost every freaking paragraph when everyone knows she doesn't, she doesn't even have charisma to begin with :katyclown_makeup_mess_pie_meme_smile:

She's so desperate it's embarrassing. I couldn't even keep reading I actually fell asleep. 

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What made me drop my jaw was when she spoke about Britney's troubles in 2007. She even noted that Britney had been going through a lot with her two pregnancies and divorce, but it was like she still couldn't understand that Britney couldn't drop everything in her life and come hold her hand because JL felt lonely. She is so self absorbed it's crazy. 

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The whole book, really, the one thing I got from this was that she would be a much happier person today if her dumba** self had learned how to read a con dom wrapper when she was 16. Then she could have had a career, get her limelight, and not be forever bitter about her older sister. 

this is why you shoulda learned readin and writin Jamie Lyin. 

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When someone said siblings are better with 16 months to close to 3 years apart. Their not lying. 


Jaime being a decade after Britney proves this theory. because the kids are much older that mom and dad basically have to not give them attention cos the baby needs it more than a 9 year old and a 12 year old and they don't understand why the parents aren't here for them like they used to be. 

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To be honest, as much as i really wanna read the book, as a Britney supporter i just cant do it and give JL my money for the book i just cant. i wanna stress though i dont judge anyone on here who reads it because i really want to. i would just feel dirty and disloyal to Britney if i bought and read it. and also i dont believe a word JL says. In the snippet of the interview she did, she just looked completely camera aware, the 'tears' were very 'right this is the right time i need to shed tears now 1...2...3' . ill watch the interview because it costs me nothing but im not reading the book. The only book ill read is Britney's 

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1 minute ago, jonloch1 said:

To be honest, as much as i really wanna read the book, as a Britney0 supporter i just cant do it and give JL my money for the book i just cant. i wanna stress though i dont judge anyone on here who reads it because i really want to. i would just feel dirty and disloyal to Britney if i bought and r ead it 

Who says you have to buy it to read it? heart smile GIF

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