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Jamie Lynn closes her book with: "Britney’s description about the way she has been managed and treated does nothing to break the cycle"

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Until recently, I was feeling sorry for Jamie Lynn since she also grew up with the same abusive father as Britney did and I still think it is sad that she had to endure a childhood with an alcoholic as a father. At one point, though, she became an adult and her behaviour as well as her life choices are hers to take responsibility for.

Even though it is obvious that this book was supposed to be an easy money grab from Lou's perspective, I think that Jamie Lynn really believes what she says and writes and isn't even in it for the money. I have a younger  sister who send me an almos six page letter written on the computer via letter mail (which she gave my parents and some friends to read before sending it my way), even though living twenty minutes afar by feet in which she throws all kinds of accusations my way - and I'd bet she would have published it if there would have been the slightest chance of anyone being interested in publishing it. Her reasoning behind her letter was basically the same as JL's: She had to tell her truth.

People like that are narcissists who thrive of being the center of attention of drama. The kick they are looking for is to make others believe that they are not only the real victim in all of the drama, but that they are the one having the moral high ground, being the better person by holding up values which would really matter as well as them being empathetic and caring deeply about others, despite all the hardship in their life. In reality, they create more drama which they claim to hate but which they secretly desire and hold the one person in the family "accountable" who has least power within the toxic family dynamic.

Jamie Lynn's narcissistic outburst is pathetic and embarrassing to watch and I feel for Britney that this outburst had to take place in public because the name Spears is also attached to Jamie Lynn.

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On 1/14/2022 at 9:48 AM, 3IsACharm33 said:

Lol I thought her book wasn’t about Britney 

But it's noooot... Jamie Lynn can't help having been born into the spears family and having experiences with her sister... 😆😆😆😆

So deluded. She hasn't figured out how to share experiences without trashing someone.

But from the comments I've read, this book sounds like it both starts and ends with her trashing Britney. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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On 1/14/2022 at 3:21 PM, ElectricPlatypusLove said:

I was talking with a friend and realized I believe Jamie Lynn has a bit of the "Aaron Carter syndrome"(although even he was more of a star in his own right with songs I can recall)...i.e...the younger sibling grows up being brought along to all their successful older sibling gigs and to compensate for a life truly revolving around the older siblings career, the artist and their family, and everyone doting on them at various promotional stops, do their most to tell them they too are a future "star". I'm sure Jamie Lynn was told many times how she would be an even bigger star than her sister while sitting in the green room waiting for Britney to finish working. And it is actually likely that Jamie Lynn's career began on All That due to Britney's various prior appearances on that show and Lynne's networking skills combined with Nickelodeon likely being extremely receptive to throwing some money at a younger Spears in order to secure future promotional appearances from Britney. Her delusion and narcissism were cultivated by industry professionals and her family for their own gain as well.

She truly is the one who needs to break the cycle. But she chooses, as a free woman, to perpetuate this. She has a beautiful family and a good life but remains deeply bitter she never achieved her "manifest destiny". Very Trumpian. She rewrites history to suit her narrative and avoids humble pie as if she were deathly allergic to it.

Ew, please don't drag Aaron Carter into this and put him next to Juno Lynn. Aaron had lots of success for a few years, and his brother is a total ABUSER who has abused him and the entire family for years. Nick is a Jamie Lynn with more fame and talent, but he's a terrible person just like Juno. Aaron's problems were the fact that his family is also trash, was never there for him, and they literally stole all his millions. His parents stole every last cent and left him broke. He never really recovered and then he fell into drugs which isn't good. Aaron can be like Juno in some ways, but his situation is far worse than anything Juno ever experienced.

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Read the bootleg pdf of this and she comes across as extremely unemphatic regarding B's situation. This quote really embodies that. But that's the attitude in the whole book. When she's hounded by the press, it's traumatic, but when it's someone else, meh.  When stories about her are taken out of context, big deal, for others it doesn't matter. She also talks about the importance of people sharing their stories but apparently that only applies to her... She talks about harsh judgements but has very harsh words for others.... 

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