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Jamie Lynn attacks Britney for her testimony ('Things I Should Have Said' book LEAKS)

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I love how she says that she wishes Britney would share what she said on her text msg to the world…SHE LITERALLY HAS! COUNTLESS OF TIMES! She has always mentioned how she needed someone and yet you want her to add your name so that you can say “ha! See! We’re good! Stop hating on me pls” gtfoh.

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21 minutes ago, Kletus said:

there's one thing for sure, Jamie Spears is an ABUSER, even Juno confirms it. Why on planet earth did Judge Reva Goetz let Jamie Spears be the conservator??? It was a complete and total mistake

Tbh I hope she gets held accountable for that idk much but I do know judges have v bug responsibilities and they probably can get in big trouble like I wonder what happened to the judge of the Brock Turner case, I’m pretty sure he got in trouble if maybe not I don’t remember 

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17 minutes ago, G-unit said:

I can’t. She STILL refuses to acknowledge MAJOR factor as to why the “world” turned on her.  PLEASE explain your relationship with Lou.  PLEASE.  She continues to make this all about her.  It’s fine to discuss the horrible things she was sent via DM and all that, but WHERE THE **** is the support for her sister’s human autonomy that she was stripped of for almost 14 years!?  Britney doesn’t owe her anything.  Britney never mentioned JL by name…JL had EVERY opportunity to speak and she didn’t.  She had EVERY opportunity to share a screen shot of that text.  She didn’t, yet it’s totally fine to share in in this book?  She’s making Britney into a villain for having feelings.  I would LOVE an interviewer to ask her how she would’ve felt had she been the one stripped of her rights for 14 years.  How would SHE have felt if her sister wasn’t barking up a storm demanding a less-restrictive alternative?  She takes these little digs at Britney’s mental health, which is beyond repulsive.  What was the little thing that got Britney so heated?  She failed to share that…why do I have a feeling JL was making fun of her or gaslighting her?  Britney’s soul has been tortured for years and her sickening family can only think of themselves and how she treated them badly, rather than the ways THEY failed her to attempt and mend their relationships.  No matter what JL says, nothing tops a woman being stripped of her human autonomy, reproductive rights, rights to her career, rights to their friends, and forceful treatment against their will.  Nothing. Britney has a RIGHT to be mad.  Britney didn’t send the death threats, Britney barely said a WORD about Jamie Lynn…what an amazing game of attempting to turn tables.  Britney was abused, ignored, neglected, and USED.  She has EVERY right to her feelings.  Some of her trauma is probably irreversible and it’s her family’s fault for not stepping up and saying “hey, this is our daughter, sister, etc…we need to think of her, not her career.”  But they didn’t.  And JL still fails at every attempt to be a decent human being.  Absolutely ZERO empathy for how Britney must’ve felt for over 13 years.

JL was saying that she (JL) was known for having a "smart mouth" and everyone was always worried about what would come out of JL's mouth... I bet she said something smart to Britney, and Britney, after having been abused for so long and trapped with her abusers, went off on JL.   I'm sure the entire Spears family treated Britney like a dog and never took her seriously, so when Britney realized even JL was uncaring about the abuse Britney had suffered ("It's all about me" - JL), Britney yelled at her.  Then JL tries to make it all about the children, and says "I saw the family dynamics through adult eyes and I decided to leave," but never considering that Britney herself was trapped there and could not leave, and Juno is completely unsympathetic about it.


Juno, you might have learned all these wonderful phrases from therapy, "I matter," "My truth matters," "I did it for the children." But the reason certain things trigger you and force you to react, is because you're a B1TCH and you don't even know it!!! Your fancy phrases don't cover up the fact that you are simply A B1TCH!!! :liar_red_mad_angry_anger_yell_slap:

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Just now, esswein said:

She's so disgusting! Talking like her "career" came out of luck preteding that her pseudo career didn't come from the Britney influence. 

Yeah she just “stumbled” upon a career (if that’s what she wants to call it) - she’s so delusional 

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10 minutes ago, Ghoulia said:

"Realistically, what did I know about sweeping?" LOL this is amazing


Did I really just read that, lol, here u go JL, u get a broom and hold it, u push it on the floor, gather all the dirt in a pile, then u take this little thing called a dust pan and u sweep the dirt into that, then dump it in the trash, it’s not rocket science, lol

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20 minutes ago, Ghoulia said:

Oh interesting.  Lynn DID introduce Sam Lutfi to Britney.  Thanks, JL!  




Wait omg was she about to expose Alli took? Ik this is all just a way to make herself a victim bc Louanne Maria Taylar but we can actually use this as information on the Brit timeline that makes our case for example the fact the Jamie Spears was already a known abuser and somehow that Reva woman approved him as conservator!?????!? and also this  I guess pretty much proves that everything Sam Lufti did was Lynne’s fault essentially since she knew him first (this basically makes the drugging claims more plausible now). And now it makes sense about Alli that she “claimed” to be related but she probably never was lmao 

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4 minutes ago, Haha-Hehe-Haha-Ho said:

Page 127

"The conservatorship was just a small piece of his commitment to helping
her. !ey stayed sober together, and seeing my father put Britney’s
needs ahead of his own desires helped my old resentments fade.
For a period of time, the conservatorship mandated that Britney be
**** and alcohol tested on a regular basis. My father volunteered to
do it with her in solidarity. This was the first time in my life where
someone was holding them accountable for their behaviors"


She’s so self righteous it’s disgusting. You don’t need a conservatorship for that you stupid *****. And WHY is a **** and alcohol abuser the conservator anyway?? 

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