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Jamie Lynn attacks Britney for her testimony ('Things I Should Have Said' book LEAKS)

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Rational thinking:


Yes, JL had struggles too. No one can take that away from her. We can all jump on board and belittle her, but the fact is, she still is a child star. It can't be easy dealing with all that.


With that said: She's absolutly wrong about everything regarding Britney. There is nothing anyone in the team, including her, can say that justify the horrendus traumatic things they've done to Britney. Every single one of them knew she didn't have amnesia. Every single one of them knew she didn't own her own life. This is absolutly insane. I can't even understand the strenght B has to living under these conditions.


Oh and one last thing: paranoid and erratic? 30 paparazzis assigned to her. Buisness created for following Britney. Her home and telephone tapped. It's not paranoia - it's freaking facts.

Over and out!

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I Just finished the book! i found few topics interesting

- What happened with alexa nichols for me, its something you can't do , i mean how you could think that an second actress will be spreading rumours  of the main character come on, and jamielynn killed her by telling britney the "rumours" and britney chatted with alexa in very bad way.

- She says Kevin ferderline brought stability to her after JT Breakup, She talks bad about Jason Alexander, but no mention Kevin at all. her boyfriend Casper was just like kevin she destroyed casper but no kevin?????

- She says britney changed all her team when she got married , im curious why she dismissed felicia.

- She adores and mentions Ms lou many many times, and said that Ms lou teached her how to manipulate press with selling the premiere of her.

- They started to alienate britney before the conservatorship when the pregnancy.

- She mentioned like Britney conservatorship was like the best could happen to jamie and britney.

So this is just defitive another Jamie Lynns move to get portion of money and of course we know who orchestrated this, she knows that britney don't like this book, af she cited what happened between britney and lynne in lynne's 2008 book.


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The parents ain't **** for putting their children in that kind of position (they should be protecting them as parents). But Jamie Lynn, don't act like you're completely innocent.

I agree. If you're knocked up at 17 or a 17-year-old period, you don't have much power to do much to help your sister. Why not take it at her word?

But my thing is, the thing went on for 13 years. You were grown by then. You meant to tell me that there was never a moment where you could have helped? The thing is, she did not want to. If she wanted to, she could have. But I guess she was so focused on her child, her career and her relationship with Jamie, she wanted to put that first. I respect prioritizing yourself but I just wish Jamie Lynn would tell her story.

 Stop going on the defensive about Britney and tell her business. She said on ABC that she didn't want to talk about someone else's state of mind because that's not fair. Well, you said multiple times that Britney was "erratic" and referenced her "mental condition etc." I think Jamie doesn't have the understanding that Britney was told by many people several ways that she had no ability to get out of it. And she tried several times. But Jamie is too focused on her and seeking pity (even though she says she's not) to understand that.

Death threats etc. against the Watsons are uncalled for but Jamie Lynn needs to not. She just needs to not. And going and promoting this book with a focus on Britney is not going to help matters. All this is is Jamie Lynn trying and failing to clear the air and distance herself from the conservatorship. She's continuing to add distance between her sister in the process.


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On 1/13/2022 at 9:05 PM, Kletus said:

I just can’t believe she talked about how Britney took her into the next room with a knife to protect her because she was scared… it was right after the forced mental health stay where they had worked her so much she thought they were trying to kill her.  How dare Jamie Lynn write about this in her book.  It’s not “paranoia,” as they so rudely call it. Britney was actually scared because of something that ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO HER!!! It’s not “paranoia” if it ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!! How dare Juno write about Britney’s response to fear and abuse!  Jamie the father even broke down a door to attack Britney’s son, but Britney couldn’t file a restraining order so Kevin had to!

How do you know that? The excerpts I read seemed so all over the place, but I tried to take it in context. With that said, it sounded like that happened between 2003 and 2004. But it could have been an out-of-place example just to add to the point Jamie Lynn was trying to prove in that part.

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I just searched for Britney’s name since I cannot stand the fact that how this book was written like a middle school essay, I couldn’t even get through half if it. Britney’s name is mentioned literaly at every 2 pages. And she literally try to make Britney look bad saying things like “our lives get worse because of Britney’s career, she helped a little but I took the wheel by being an actress nature” . She literally is jealous even of Britney’s misery. This book is definitely micro managed by team con.

other than that, what a shame Jamie… you don’t deserve Britney.

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Just found this interesting quote from the book, about halfway through. It's from James Watson and his reaction when he finds out that JL and Casey/Casper are moving back in with each other:

“Do you realize the mistake you are making for yourself and Maddie? He’s trash. He’s proved it time and time again. He’s not reliable. Being with him, Jamie Lynn, is just bad! He’s trash and you being with him makes you trash too. It makes me question everything I know about you.”

Sounds so much like the DM's he made over the weekend and he comes off as so childish. I wonder why she even put that in the book?


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